Zhuyang Town: “Credit + Environmental Governance” Voluntary Service Improves the Happiness of Villagers’ Lives

Correspondent Wang Yuning

Recently, in order to consolidate the achievements of village-level environmental sanitation and on the basis of epidemic prevention and control, Zhuyang Town continued to carry out comprehensive improvement of rural living environment, with the credit system as the basis We should give full play to the incentive function of credit points and organize volunteers to participate in the comprehensive improvement of rural living environment according to the actual situation in the village.

Although the wind in early winter is bleak and cold, it cannot stop the enthusiasm of the volunteers and their determination to improve the environment. “If you have difficulty finding volunteers, if you have time to be a volunteer”, this is not just a slogan, but a practice. Volunteers in Beigaobei Village, Zhuyang Town contributed to the creation of a livable environment with practical actions. They were not afraid of being tired or dirty, and took brooms, shovels, shovels, etc. to clean up garbage from streets, alleys, flower beds, and lawns Weeds, health dead corners, and sundries are cleaned up, etc., so that the weedy trails can be restored to their original appearance, and the messy sundries can be placed in an orderly manner, so that the living environment of the village can be comprehensively improved, and the village environment can be kept clean , clean and orderly.

By participating in collective labor at the village level, villagers can not only contribute their own strength to the governance of the village environment, but also obtain credit points, which can be exchanged for corresponding items in the credit supermarket, which greatly improves the villagers’ The enthusiasm for participating in voluntary services has gradually formed a good atmosphere for the participation of the whole people, joint construction and sharing.

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