Eukaryotic real scene quasi-existing houses, seeing is believing is the only way to rest assured

Today’s real estate market environment, for buyers, faced with many uncertainties. Therefore, the safety and security of the home buying process and the timely fulfillment of delivery promises are particularly important, and the eyes of house buyers have gradually changed. First of all, state-owned enterprises with strong and guaranteed strength have become the first choice of current home buyers; secondly, they tend to be quasi-existing houses with real scenes. The more houses that can be presented in advance and delivered in advance, the more popular among home buyers.

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Let us look at the current property market in Zaozhuang again. The state-owned quasi-existing houses built by Tsingtao Brewery, one of the top 500 brands in the world, with the strength of 100 billion Tsingtao Brewery – Tsingtao Brewery Liufang County, which will be grandly delivered in December, is a good one s Choice.

In addition to various hidden dangers, many buyers Investors are frightened by the news, and the future planning of the community is also the focus of many home buyers. We understand a truth, people are more willing to choose a house in the city center while having sufficient housing funds. This is not only for the comfort of living, but also because the more core areas, the stronger the housing prices, and the more secure the preservation and appreciation of assets.

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Tsingtao Brewery·Liufang County is located on the central axis of Zaozhuang City, at the intersection of Changjiang Road and Hexie Road in Xincheng, close to the city’s cultural and sports center, surrounded by Zaozhuang Experimental High School, Fengming Middle School, Southern Botanical Garden, Zaozhuang Hospital of Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Surrounded by high-quality supporting facilities such as Gemini City Plaza, it is a quasi-existing real estate that integrates the city’s superior resources. Such a location, environment, and supporting facilities, how can we not escort a better life in the future?

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In Zaozhuang, For the conventional ultimate improvement product, there is no major change in the structure of the apartment, but the scale of several major functions is enlarged and some auxiliary functions are added.

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The building area of ​​Tsingtao Brewery Liufang County is about 187㎡/230㎡, which is a rare collection-level large flat floor, with a more luxurious scale, creating a rare first choice for improving real estate in the city. The overall design adopts a large surface width and high-rise height, with a maximum surface width of 18.4 meters for daylighting, a luxurious floor height of approximately 3.15 meters, and a viewing balcony with a maximum width of approximately 7.4 meters. The spatial pattern and scale are impressive. One elevator, one household with independent elevator, private elevator to enter the home, low-density and comfortable elevator-to-household ratio, is the standard configuration of high-end living, and the quality of living can be felt in the details.

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Buying high-end residential products, property services It is very important. Tsingtao Brewery·Liufangjun cooperates with Longfor Smart Property to provide owners with 24-hour butler service. Longfor Smart Service is a benchmark enterprise in property management that is highly recognized by the industry. , Refined and internationalized services to create a more noble and high-quality life; later property standards are also a key factor in maintaining and increasing the value of residential properties, and good properties can enhance the value of products.

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What you see is what you see The income, the strength of the big brand is guarded! Tsingtao Brewery·Liufang County will give you a “definite answer” for the quasi-existing houses of state-owned enterprises! At present, favorable policies in the property market are frequently issued, and the property market is showing obvious signs of recovery. At this time, Tsingtao Brewery·Liufang County will sprint to give thanks at the end of the month Juhui has launched a four-fold gift for pet fans. Instead of waiting and watching, it is better to go to the scene for field inspection.

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