I feel small bumps around the anus, is it genital warts? People who have these two behaviors, be careful

Condyloma acuminatum is a kind of venereal disease. If you have bad sexual behavior, you will be infected by the invasion of HPV virus, and you will usually get sick. It can cause the patient’s reproductive organs and around the anus to appear. Proliferative damage, the average incubation period of about three months, followed by onset. Some people find that there are small bumps around the anus. Could this be genital warts?

There are small bumps around the anus, which may indeed be sharp Genital warts can be judged initially based on their own behavior. If you haveunclean sex, do not have a regular sexual partner, and do not take any protective measures, it is easy for HPV virus to invade, and these viruses will infect It then survives and reproduces in moist, warm places, and eventually produces hyperplastic lesions around the anus.

There are many small in this part,,, span>Pale red papules,then enlarge and increase in number, may appear papillary, cockscomb or Cauliflower-like, it will also erode and ooze, and it will bleed easily when touched later. Some patients will feel foreign body sensation, itching or pain.

Of course, not all small bumps around the anus are condyloma acuminatum, some people’s small bumps are actually Perianal eczema, especially if there are alreadyhemorrhoids developing, no Take good care of it and pay attention to hygiene. The local area often becomes damp due to the development of hemorrhoids and secretions. After bacteria grow, eczema is prone to appear.

The number of these eczemas varies, the distribution is relatively wide, and it will also be accompanied byobvious itching< /span>, always makes patients restless. And this situation is easy to judge, you can go to the dermatology department for diagnosis in time, and follow-up treatment to improve.

What behaviors should we be alert to?

1. Do not use condoms

Some wrong behaviors will increase the prevalence of genital warts. If you have them yourself, you should correct them in time, such as not taking any protective measures, ignoring condoms during sex The importance of use will become the fuse for the invasion of many diseases.

Condoms are not only contraceptive, but also can effectively reduce the prevalence of various infectious diseases, including Condyloma acuminatum, in addition, hepatitis B, syphilis, AIDS, etc. have condoms The prevalence rate can be greatly reduced. But some people are not aware of this, and the disease may strike when they have not used condoms for a long time.

2. Unfixed sex partner

Condyloma acuminatum is a kind of venereal disease, mainly through Sex life style spreads, so there is no attention to the rationality of sexual behavior, ignoringserious sexual partners< /strong>, the importance of cleanliness, diseases may invade quietly.

Both HPV 6 and 11 can cause genital warts. After infection, the virus will continue to develop and cause skin lesions. It can be seen that if you want to ensure your own health, you should pay attention to the proper sex life.