good news! Clinical trial of new anti-cancer drug SC0245 tablets in Beijing Cancer Hospital! Four hospitals work together

Today I will introduce to you Shen Lin from Beijing Cancer Hospital Clinical project of anti-cancer drug SC0245 tablets, drug clinical trial registration as the main investigator The number is CTR20210769. If you are, or have cancer patients who are not suitable for standard treatment, aged 18-75, you can pay attention.

SC0245 tablet is an ATR inhibitor, which can selectively affect tumor cells with less interference to normal cells.

Indications: gastric cancer, esophageal cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer, biliary tract cancer, colon cancer, rectal cancer Cancer, etc., not listed here

Physician Profile: Shen Lin, currently vice president of Peking University Cancer Hospital, director of Department of Gastrointestinal Oncology, professional direction is diagnosis and treatment of digestive system tumors, especially comprehensive treatment and individualized treatment of gastrointestinal tumors .

Sun Yuping, Director of Shandong Cancer Hospital, Luo Suxia, Director of Henan Cancer Hospital, and Zhang Jian, Director of Cancer Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University jointly carried out the clinical drug research ,, patients in need can apply:

drug clinical trial registration and information disclosure platform

Attention, the following Patientdoes not meet application criteria:

  1. Enrolled Patients with cancer brain metastases who are taking steroid hormone therapy before the group;
  2. Patients have arrhythmia and hypokalemia;
  3. Patients with poorly controlled hypertension and diabetes;
  4. lactating women;
  5. Patients with liver metastases from cancer;< /span>
  6. The patient is unable to swallow the medicine orally

If necessary, please pay attention to it, if not, please forward it to Patients in need, if you have any questions, you can leave a message to ask me at any time.