Zhoucun Rural Commercial Bank innovates financial products and provides financial services for new citizens

In order to further implement the requirements of the “New Citizen Financial Service Publicity Month”, meet the diversified financial needs of new citizens, and inject new vitality into the development of the real economy, Zhoucun Rural Commercial Bank continues to innovate financial products and actively do a good job in new citizen finance Serve.

Aiming at different customer groups, Zhoucun Rural Commercial Bank has innovatively launched products such as “Hui Shang Loan” and “Village Residential Loan” ” and other products to meet the diversified financial needs of customers, and comprehensively market “shop rental loans” to solve the problem of rent payment for some shops. As of the end of October, 323 “Hui Shang Loans” have been issued, with an amount of 111 million yuan; 7 “Village Home Loans”, with an amount of 1.24 million yuan; 211 “Ludan Huinong Loans”, with an amount of 92.9 million yuan; “152 households, with an amount of 51.61 million yuan; 441 “entrepreneurship guarantee loans”, with an amount of 100 million yuan; 523 “shop rental loans”, with an amount of 20.96 million yuan.

At the same time, Zhoucun Rural Commercial Bank organized customer managers to comprehensively study the key points of financial services for new citizens, clarify the key industries and key areas where new citizens are concentrated, and combine stationing in villages, outreach marketing, telemarketing, etc. Work, comprehensively connect with new citizen groups, fully meet the financial needs of new citizen customers in terms of employment and entrepreneurship, housing and housing, training and education, medical care and pensions, and provide equal, convenient, and exclusive financial service guarantees. As of the end of October, the bank has connected more than 30 communities and 8 industrial parks where new citizens live and work, carried out more than 450 on-site offices, and issued a total of 554 new citizen loans with an amount of 264 million yuan, including 75 entrepreneurial households. The amount is 9.82 million yuan; 370 households in the housing category, with an amount of 158 million yuan; 73 households in the consumer category, with an amount of 8.08 million yuan.

Zhoucun Rural Commercial Bank will take this event as an opportunity to continuously improve its financial service capabilities, meet the growing financial needs of new citizens, and make greater contributions to the high-quality economic and social development of Zhoucun.