Friends with high uric acid can try to eat more 3 kinds of food to reduce it naturally

People with high levels of uric acid for a long time should pay enough attention, because high uric acid is the fuse of gout, and this disease will cause troubles, which will reduce the quality of life of patients and bear the burden The disease is painful, and it is necessary to take preventive measures in advance and take good methods to reduce uric acid. Of course, at the beginning, the uric acid index was abnormal, and most of them had no signal. It is necessary to develop a good habit of regular physical examination, and if the index is found to be abnormal, adjust the lifestyle and medication in time.

What foods to eat more can improve High uric acid situation?

1. Winter melon

The highest uric acid index It is important to choose foods with low levels of purine substances to regulate, and get more water at the same time, those foods that have a diuretic effect can be used to provide nutrition , in order to increase the amount of urination, thereby taking away excess uric acid, among which winter melon is more recommended.

Winter melon is a kind of vegetable. Most people use it to make soup. The soup is sweet and very thirst-quenching in summer. Winter melon is rich in water, as well as dietary fiber, trace elements, vitamins, etc. that the human body needs. Eating more winter melon can continuously strengthen the body circulation, metabolism, harmful substances produced in the metabolic process, excess uric acid can be excreted in time to prevent the continuous accumulation of uric acid and cause diseases.

2, celery

Becausehigh uric acid is the root of gout, so you can’t ignore the changes in the indicators, otherwise it will take a while After time, gout may come to your door, and finally uric acid kidney stones will be caused. Diet should be adjusted in this regard, choosing healthy foods to promote uric acid excretion, among which celery can help.

As a representative of healthy vegetables, celery is rich in dietary fiber, which can promote intestinal peristalsis, Accelerates excretion of feces.

In addition, celery is also rich inpotassium, water< span>, etc., can increase the excretion of urine, and the uric acid can be taken away in the process of increasing urine output, so that the indicators can remain normal. In addition, celery is relatively light and low in calories, which is also good for weight loss. Some people are overweight and the excretion rate of uric acid slows down, so you can choose celery, which has the effect of assisting weight loss, to obtain nutrients.

3. Corn

Corn is mostly used to make soup, and it contains rich nutrients. With the help of eating corn properly, it can also improve the condition of high uric acid. However, There is an important point in the process of cooking corn, which is to cook it together with corn silk. Some people will remove all the corn silk, but they don’t know that the corn silk has an important function and can exert a good diuretic effect.

When the diuretic effect is exerted, the urine excretion is large, and the uric acid can be excreted smoothly, so that the control index is more stable, and at the same time, the corn contains Nutrients that promote health.

It can be found through the above content,High uric acid level is very dangerous, some people gout attack is related to the original high uric acid level, it needs to be adjusted in a good way, the above types All foods can be eaten, and all of them can exert a good diuretic effect, thereby taking away excess uric acid. Of course, it must also cooperate withscientific drinking water, correct medication, and healthy exercise Wait to improve high uric acid, don’t wait until the disease appears unprepared.