Zhou Chuna, who fell in love with plastic surgery, now “can’t bear to look straight at it”, but she herself enjoys the pleasure of plastic surgery

People are visual animals. Under the aesthetics of others, if they want to become more beautiful and outstanding, they gradually evolve into plastic surgery projects. Plastic surgery can be done to a certain extent. , Let yourself have a feeling of changing your face, and you can cover up your flaws well.

There are many benefits of plastic surgery, people have joined the team of plastic surgery, but the failure rate of plastic surgery is very high, if you do not choose a formal If you have a professional hospital and a qualified doctor, then it is possible that the doctor will make a mistake during the operation, and the probability of cosmetic surgery failure will become higher and higher.


Chou Chuna, who fell in love with plastic surgery, now “can’t bear to look straight at it”, but she herself enjoys the pleasure of plastic surgery

Zhou Chuna is a plastic surgeon, from 13 to 18 years old, 5 years Hundreds of plastic surgery, the whole face has undergone a major facelift, and I have tried everything that can be moved. These projects cost more than 4 million in total. This is a height that many families cannot touch.

She often laughed at herself that because of plastic surgery, she changed her ID card 4 times in just a few years, and her appearance was not outstanding when she was in school , How beautiful is she at the age of 13, but she has not grown up. Later, he had a crush on a boy, and after the confession was rejected, she became more and more inferior. Coupled with the ridicule of the people around him, he gradually became sensitive and vulnerable, and he was exposed to the Internet. Later, I discovered that plastic surgery can make myself beautiful.

After he told his parents about his thoughts, his parents actually He expressed his full support and invested in many medical beauty institutions and beauty salons. In this way, he underwent the first operation, which was a complete double eyelid surgery. Improvement,

Later, he went in and out of beauty institutions one after another, and transformed his nose, chin, forehead, etc. He also said, “You can skip meals, but you can’t No plastic surgery “, every time I look in the mirror and see the flaws on my face, I feel very uncomfortable if I don’t fix them. His pursuit of beauty has become more and more sick and deformed.

It was an accident that his parents wanted to stop him, how much did Zhou Chuna Qian Bi said that it is impossible for him to stop. After 5 years, he has changed dramatically, and his face has become more and more serious. Many netizens said that he is very like the snake spirit on the gourd baby and the witch in Snow White. He was very immature when he was 13 years old. , Maybe it will gradually get better in a few years, but he is eager for success and takes risks.

Because of multiple operations on the face, facial nerves are damaged, memory is impaired, and even the injected ingredients have penetrated into the subcutaneous tissue, affecting the The brain nerves are in a very bad state, and the whole face is also very strange. The eyes are like ping pong balls, hanging on the face, the chin is seen from the side, and the nose is like a plow for plowing the field.

He has become like this now, which shows how much the deformed aesthetics of modern society have affected young people!


Excessive demand for perfection is prone to plastic surgeryObsession

A person chooses to improve himself through artificial transformation. The plastic surgery itself is the pursuit of beauty. It’s just related to personal lifestyle and aesthetic direction. A person’s plastic surgery psychology does not need to wear colored glasses, but it is getting better and better. Beauty news is full of our eyes. Frequent plastic surgery makes them likely to become “plastic surgery dependence”. .

Experts believe that “plastic surgery addiction” is mainly due to paranoid mentality:


1. Do not identify with the self: the subject hates the original me, does not want to see her, and even wants to abandon her. Blame the dissatisfaction you have encountered in life on your appearance. Simply put, you don’t recognize your identity, you don’t accept your birth, growth, and your own existence, but the feeling of not accepting it is not enough to end your life. Those who choose to try to change.

2. “Heart Addiction”: After the operation, the operator is satisfied with the effect and is praised. The psychological energy such as tension accumulated before is released , produce happiness and satisfaction, if a person’s joy and satisfaction after plastic surgery are far greater than the pain caused by the operation, and fear of plastic surgery failure, this sense of satisfaction will strengthen the plastic surgery behavior instead.

3. Unrealistic: Excessive demand for perfection in plastic surgery, Have unrealistic fantasies. This kind of recipient is actually suffering from the mental illness of phantom ugliness, thinking that he is ugly, constantly plastic surgery, pursuing perfection, and dissatisfied with the plastic surgery results. Always try to achieve your ideal look through plastic surgery.