What is more detrimental to the appearance than “flat nose” is “exposed nostrils”? What type of nose do you have?

The nose is called “the king of the facial features”. As the saying goes, “A flower on the face depends entirely on the nose”. Having a three-dimensional nose can make the face more delicate and beautiful , After all, a nose can really ruin a face. Most orientals have flat and short noses, with big nose tips.

If the nose shape is not perfect, it will cause the whole face to look very discordant. The reason for the “shark side face” is that it is not too much to have a flat nose, and if you add nostrils, it feels particularly weird.


What is more detrimental to appearance than “flat nose” is “exposed nostrils”? What type of nose do you have?

【Song Yi】

Song Yi’s face has a nose that doesn’t live up to expectations, but Song Yi’s face is very typical and flat, the facial contour is not obvious, and the whole is very flat, especially the nose , because the bridge of the nose is relatively flat, so you can hardly see Yamane when you look up. It can be seen from his frontal face that his facial ups and downs are not obvious.

Song Yi’s nose is small and slightly raised, which brings a delicate feeling to his nose. His facial features are actually very suitable, and there is a touch of insensitivity in the exquisiteness, which makes his personal temperament more gentle.

【Ouyang Nana】< /span>

Ouyang Nana has entered the entertainment industry in recent years, but in fact his acting skills are not very acceptable to the audience. Not to mention his acting skills, his appearance is also very high. When she was a child, Ouyang Nana had chubby baby fat on her face and dimples when she smiled. When she grew up, her face became more angular.

But he also has a fly in the ointment, that is, his nose, Ouyang Nana’s nose, has a low nose bridge and a big nose tip, when viewed from the side Especially obvious, it seems that her face is very sunken, and her nose is very collapsed. In fact, she is still cute overall. If she chooses to adjust, it may make her recognition between people disappear.

【Tan Songyun】< /span>

Tan Songyun is not only young, she can maintain her youthful appearance, and she is still cute when she is older. Songyun is a typical example, she is 32 years old now He still gives people a girlish feeling. In fact, Tan Songyun’s nose is not good-looking, which is also a flaw in his facial features.

The root of his nose is not high, the nose is non-stop, bulbous nose, the meat of the nose dares to pass through, from it From the front view, there is still a little leakage, and the nostrils are typical upturned noses. His oval face and baby fat have neutralized the shortcomings of the nose to a large extent. His mountain roots are relatively low and flat, which widens his eyes The spacing, although it reduces the three-dimensionality of the face to a certain extent, it increases the affinity.

【Shen Mengchen】

The most important thing to mention about Shen Mengchen is that he is ever-changing Shen Mengchen’s nose is also very ugly. Before becoming the host, Shen Mengchen was a proper passerby’s face, with a ball and fleshy face, coupled with a naturally dark complexion, a slightly old-fashioned feeling, especially It was his collapsed and fleshy nose that aggravated his sense of rusticity.

Shen Mengchen with a natural face has a wider nose and lower roots. It is precisely because of these factors that its His appearance was hindered by his flat and collapsed nose. After entering the entertainment industry as a host, he often went on camera, exposing the shortcomings of his nose to the public, so he began to have his nose corrected.


What kind of rhinoplasty can be done if the nose has defects?

The nose is located in the middle of the facial features, there is a tall nose, which can make the face three-dimensional If the nose is not good-looking, you need to do nose surgery. The main items of nose surgery are as follows:

1. People whose nose bridge is low and flat simply because the bridge of the nose is not high enough can achieve better results simply by making the bridge of the nose taller, such as the commonly used hyaluronic acid injection filler, fat Injection, filling prosthesis implantation, and autologous costal cartilage implantation can all achieve better results.

2、 Because the patient feels that the tip of the nose is fleshy and thick, the nose tip reduction surgery can be performed to achieve a firmer nose tip. The shape of the tip of the nose can be made through the broad cartilage or septal cartilage, so that the tip of the nose can be raised and straightened to achieve better results.

3. If you feel that the whole nostril is relatively large and the alar of the nose is also relatively large, you can narrow the alar of the nose , to achieve better results.

4. In the process of development, or the nose is crooked due to trauma, the bone can be used to make the nose crooked. To achieve the effect of correcting a crooked nose, there are many rhinoplasty projects. You need to look at your own situation and what you want to do, and then design the most suitable surgical plan to achieve the final effect.


What are the common nose shapes?

1. Roman nose: This type of nose has a deep concave root, and the bridge of the nose There is a bulge at the nasal bone, which is straight down or has a slight curve. People with such noses give the impression of bravery and clear logical thinking.

2. Lion nose: The root of the nose is relatively low, the nose wings are large and full, and the nose is raised. It is also often rated as the most perfect nose.

3. Hooked nose: The hooked nose is characterized by an arched bridge of the nose, a drooping nose with a small tip, much like the mouth of an eagle, so it is called an eagle Hooked nose, people with such a nose generally have a calm personality