The woman insisted on taking vitamin B12 every day, and 5 symptoms were improved. It is recommended to know early

Many people will keep vitamins, C, especially vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin B complex at home no matter whether they have health problems or whether their bodies are lacking in vitamins .

Vitamin is an essential substance for the human body. Various vitamins have corresponding effects on the human body. Some vitamins Kind, which plays a very important role in improving some problems.

Among the many vitamins, vitamin B12 is very special, it is a nutrient containing metal elements, the human body After supplementing this substance through diet, it needs to be fully decomposed, absorbed and utilized under the action of intestinal secretions.


The woman insisted on taking vitamin B12 every day, and 5 symptoms were improved. It is recommended to know early

Improve anemia

If the body lacks vitamin B12 , there will be megaloblastic anemia, severe cases will lead to fever and hepatosplenomegaly, and even anemia and heart failure, female friends appropriate vitamin B12 supplementation can help improve the problem of anemia.

Improve eye fatigue

Nowadays, the frequency of using electronic devices is getting higher and higher. Whether it is looking at mobile phones or computers for a long time, it will cause eye vision loss and eye fatigue.

Appropriate supplementation of vitamin B12 by female friends can improve the fatigue of extraocular muscles such as the ciliary body and improve the adjustment ability of the eyes. Improve the humoral regulation of visual cells, and relieve discomfort such as dry eyes and itching caused by eye fatigue.

Improve insomnia< /span>

For insomnia caused by some neurological functions or insomnia caused by bad emotions, supplementing vitamin B12 can help Improve and make sleep better and better.

So if women insist on taking vitamin B12, their sleep will improve. Everyone has different reasons for insomnia. I think To improve insomnia, the problem should be solved in a targeted manner. This method is not suitable for all identified groups of people.

Improve oral ulcers

Oral ulcers will not affect your health, but will affect your life. If oral ulcers occur, it will be difficult to drink and eat, and oral ulcers may exist inside the mouth of various parts.

Women insist on taking vitamins B12 can help improve oral ulcers. People who are prone to internal heat can also take vitamin B12 to prevent oral ulcers.

Improve Mood

< p data-track="18">Studies have found that when the ratio of nutrients in the body is out of balance, the nerve function will be abnormal, and the mood cannot be adjusted normally, so this group of people is prone to depression.

If a female friend finds that her mood is abnormally low, in addition to making appropriate adjustments, she can also Vitamin B12 supplementation can help improve mood and prevent depression.


Supplement vitamin B12, there are 2 things to pay attention to, you need to know in advance< /p>

The amount of supplementation should be moderate

The daily amount of vitamin B12 supplementation should be controlled at about two micrograms. For the elderly whose deficiency is not too serious, it is best to supplement it with food supplements. If the body is seriously deficient in vitamin B12, the body Bad symptoms have already appeared, and need to be supplemented by injections, which can be absorbed by the body faster and relieve the discomfort symptoms on the body.


When taking vitamin B12, Do not take anti-gout and anti-coagulant drugs, and do not use it together with potassium supplements, because it will affect the human body, absorb vitamin B12, and may cause adverse irritation to the stomach. In addition, do not drink alcohol while taking vitamin B12. So as not to add unnecessary burden to the body and affect the absorption of vitamin B12.

Long-term lack of vitamins in the body will have adverse effects on health, but it should be supplemented in an appropriate amount and not over-supplemented, otherwise it will easily hurt the body. Only by understanding clearly can the threats to health be reduced.