Zhong Nanshan: It is a good medicine to cure everything! It’s not too late to know

Life is movement.

Exercise can strengthen the body Physical exercise can improve our physical fitness.

People who like sports , and the resistance is much stronger than that of people who don’t like sports.

84-year-old Zhong Nanshan is a person who loves sports. He has never stopped exercising for decades .

He said: ” Exercise plays a key role in physical health and can keep people young.”

< p data-track="12">Decades of daily exercise have made Zhong Nanshan look much younger.

Exercise makes his Physical fitness has been maintained in a very good state.

No seniors Common backache and leg pain, visual impairment and other signs of decline in physical function.

Age on his The impact is not big, and he can still work normally now, which is closely related to exercising.

long life, Strong resistance and open-minded mood are the gifts of years after long-term exercise.

< span>Zhong Nanshan’s Secret of Not Getting Old

Born in October 1936, Zhong Nanshan, the secret of not aging is persistent exercise.

Look down at his daily exercise: his own door frame can be used for exercise, he can Do 10 pull-ups in one breath, killing many young people nowadays.

In 2015, a swimming photo of Zhong Nanshan caused heated discussions among netizens. Where is the shadow of an eighty-year-old man in those tight and strong arms and clearly visible muscle lines?

There is also this photo of playing basketball with young people a few years ago, easily leaping into the air , I don’t know how many peers I envy!

Zhong Nanshan has been a “sportsman” since he was a child.

Football, basketball, swimming… He is proficient in everything. Several records set by the National Games have not been broken for a long time.

1959 , he participated in the first National Games, 400-meter hurdles, and broke the national record of the year with a time of 54.2 seconds. Even for explosive events like the 100-meter sprint, he participated as a non-professional athlete , also achieved a good result of 11.02 seconds.

Exercising is like eating

“Exercise is like a part of life.”As he said, in the past few decades, Zhong Nanshan has exercised at least three times a week, one at a time For more than an hour, this has become his unshakeable habit.

In order to make the usual exercise more convenient, he simply built a simple gym at home. He can do common fitness equipment such as dumbbells, spinning bikes, treadmills, tension machines, and double bars at home.

Even when he is on a business trip, he will wear a tensioner and do some simple strength exercises. Plus push-ups, sit-ups and other exercises.

In addition, Zhong Nanshan also often runs, usually choosing a distance of about 5 kilometers.

Academician Zhong Nanshan is doing muscle training. (Source: Jinyang.com)

Movement plays a key role

Zhong Nanshan said: “Exercise has played a key role in my health. The length of life mostly does not depend on Aging and disease, but a normal way of life. Many young people nowadays, because they have not developed a correct way of life, various diseases will appear in the body, and the organs will age faster.”

When a person is still young, he has sufficient vitality, the loss of this kind of blood and the breakdown of the inner balance can be faster Once you are a little older, or your vitality is low, various diseases will follow one after another. Disease will not spare anyone who does not pay attention to health preservation!

August 2005 On the 22nd, academician Zhong Nanshan suffered one of the heaviest blows in his life! Years of fatigue and lack of attention to health caused him to have a sudden myocardial infarction. Thanks to his family who found out and sent him to the hospital for a heart stent in time, he did not cause serious trouble!

After this incident, Academician Zhong Nanshan deeply reflected on his past lifestyle and exercise habits, learned from the pain, learned lessons and planned his own health regimen reasonably. With the persistence of reasonable health habits, even though he is over 80 years old, he can still maintain a healthy body!

Long term strength and Aerobic exercise not only makes him look younger and healthier than his peers, but also makes many young people feel ashamed of his muscular lines! At the age of 84, you can also have the vitality and vigor of 28 years old!