Zhong Nanshan: Immunity is very important! Pay attention to these “4 signals”! Diseases are easy to find

Zhong Nanshan: Immunity is very important! Pay attention to these “4 signals”! Diseases are easy to come to your door, especially in this special period, you must pay attention! How important is immunity to human health? The well-known immunity is like a protective door for our body. With this door, the body can maintain health.

But once there is a crack in the door, the ability to resist bacteria and viruses will decrease, which will lead to the occurrence of physical diseases. This shows the importance of immunity, so we should pay attention to improving immunity at ordinary times. Once these 4 signals appear, it is necessary to strengthen immunity in time.

4 signals of weakened immunity to know!

1. Frequent cold, fever and runny nose

The cold is something that everyone has experienced. Because it is so common, many people are familiar with the cold, but why do some people catch colds often, especially when the seasons change? Some people don’t catch a cold for a long time? This shows that everyone’s resistance is different, and the better the resistance, the less likely it is to catch a cold.

2. Often listless and sleepy.

People with poor resistance will also show that they are always listless and always want to sleep. Even if you sleep for eight hours a day, you still feel like you don’t have enough sleep. It seems that the more you sleep, the more sleepy you become. If you also have some symptoms, don’t think that you haven’t rested well, it may be caused by poor resistance.

3. Do you feel sick when you see foodAppetite, weight loss

Sometimes loss of appetite may not necessarily be due to gastrointestinal problems, but may also be caused by low immunity. Some will be accompanied by hiccups and loss of appetite. Over time, the weight will decrease. People who don’t know why may think that it is caused by a bad stomach, but they don’t know that low immunity can also lead to nausea when seeing food.

4. Skin damage is not easy to heal, prone to bacterial infection

There are many bumps and bumps in life , Sometimes cutting a fruit may cut your hands and cause skin damage, but people with normal physique can easily stop the bleeding and heal their skin, but people with low immunity will not heal easily after the skin is damaged, and it will not be good for a long time. It is easy to cause bacterial infection due to skin injury and bleeding.

So the impact of low immunity on the body is quite large, so what should be done in life to improve the body’s immunity.

1. Rest on time every day and sleep for 8 hours

It is very important to the body. If you have a good rest, you can be energetic, your body can function well, and your immunity will be strengthened.

2. A cup of yogurt every day

Yogurt is rich in beneficial bacteria, among which The bifidobacteria contained in it are beneficial to intestinal health, promote appetite, and enhance the body’s immunity at the same time.

3. You can eat a clove of garlic

garlic But a good thing can not only improve the body’s immunity, but also kill harmful bacteria in the stomach and intestines. Just insist on eating one petal every day.

4. Give a glass of lemon honey water every day

Antioxidants in lemons The content of honey and vitamin C is very rich, and honey can regulate the intestinal tract, which is beneficial to the detoxification of the digestive system. The combination of the two can improve the body’s immunity.

5. Usually drink more tea

There is tea in the tea Polyphenols, this substance can help the body’s immune function to better resist the invasion of bacteria. It is recommended to drink jasmine tea or mint leaf tea.

6. Aerobic exercise three times a week

Aerobic exercise is recommended for running, swimming, badminton, etc. Exercise can promote metabolism and improve the body’s immunity.


7, bask in the sun frequently

The sun can replenish calcium and enhance resistance.

8. Keep a happy mood

A person’s emotions can determine the person’s health. If there is long-term anxiety, then the body will also have problems, such as poor Qi and blood. If you maintain a good mood every day, the body’s hormones will maintain a normal level, immunity will be enhanced.