Which oil is unhealthy? Is it lard? See if you have these 3 oils at home, it is recommended to eat less

What people want in life is good health, peace and prosperity.

If you want to be healthy, eating well is the top priority. All kinds of delicacies in cooking need good oil. If there is no cooking oil, the food will become tasteless, the taste will be extremely poor, and the food will be affected.

There are various oils on the market, such as soybean oil, Corn oil, olive oil, sesame oil, peanut oil, etc., but the 62-year-old Uncle Fan only likes the lard boiled at home.

Uncle Wang is a retired worker in a machinery factory. He has been in the factory before retirement. Most of the dishes in the factory are made with lard Yes, this allowed Uncle Fan to adapt to meals made with lard. After I retired, I often asked my family to use lard for cooking. When I saw that the lard at home was gone, I went to the vegetable market to buy pork fat and came back to refine the oil.

Although lard is delicious,My daughter-in-law thinks that eating too much oil is not good for the body Well, the blood vessels will be “blocked”. But Uncle Fan still went his own way, and he insisted on eating dishes made with lard, which was difficult for the whole family. This makes family meals difficult.

When all kinds of edible oils were not available on the market, there was a tradition of boiling lard in our country, many 60, The memories of those born in the 70s and 80s are still fresh, and even some born in the 90s will often see the old people at home refining a pot of white pig fat into a pot of oil and oil residue, which is used for eating, and the oil residue comes to cook and make buns. Nothing is wasted. I use lard when making noodles and cooking. The taste is really delicious and very appetizing. Now there are still old people who have the habit of boiling lard when the Chinese New Year is approaching.

Is the traditional Chinese lard that has been handed down to this day really unhealthy, and eating it often will really block the blood vessels? What oils are not recommended? Today, I will talk to you about the health of edible oils.

Lard true Is it the most unhealthy oil?

From the perspective of the raw materials refined from lard, lard is actually the fat of animals, and quinoa contains some special proteins and glyceride decomposition products, as well as saturated fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, etc., so lard contains a lot of nutrients.

But the main component of lard is indeed fat, the most of which issaturated fat, span>If saturated fat is consumed in excess, it may make people obese and increase the risk of cardiovascular disease .

That is,Eat lard in moderation There is no need to worry too much, and there are many factors that induce cardiovascular disease, not only diet, but also some chronic diseases (three highs), bad living habits (smoking, drinking) and so on.

But the doctor reminds you that if you are a patient with cardiovascular disease In fact, to avoid the deterioration of the disease, you shouldeat less lard dishes,It will also affect blood lipids, which is not conducive to blood circulation. Especially in winter, blood vessels expand with heat and contract with cold. At this time, the blood circulation is slow. It is best not to eat lard, but healthy people can eat it in moderation. After all, there are many nutrients in it.

So, starting today, everyone still has to change their inherent impression of lard. Healthy people who eat lard in moderation will not damage blood vessels Eat “blocked” up. The “Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents” recommends not to eat more than 50 grams of lard a day and eat more vegetables.

In order to be healthy, these 3 kinds of rape should be eaten less

①: Oil that has been opened for more than 3 months

Many people think that it is already As long as the food at the beginning has not exceeded the shelf life, it can be eaten forever. In fact, it is your inherent concept that has harmed your health.

The oil that has been opened for more than 3 months has not been properly sealed, and it has been in contact with the air for too long to undergo an oxidation reaction and produce some reactants. Because it is also close to the stove, the appropriate temperature will also cause the oil to have a mildew reaction, so that it contains aflatoxin that may cause cancer. It will cause a series of uncomfortable symptoms in the body,nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, increase the risk of cancer.

You can buy oil according to the population of your family. If the big barrel of oil is cost-effective, you can buy it after you go home Put it in a small bottle and pour a little after eating.You don’t have to hold a big oil drum to pour oil every day when cooking, which is not healthy.

②: Self-pressed oil

Many people think that the oil sold outside is expensive and not as fragrant as self-extracted oil, especially those who have vegetable fields in rural areas. After the peanuts and rapeseed are ripe, they will press the oil. Although this kind of oil fragrance is also genuine, you don’t know if there is mold and rot in it, and you don’t worry about whether the oil extraction machine is healthy or safe. There will be impurities in the oil without filtering and cleaning. Wait, is this oil sure to be healthy?

< span>③: Oil for repeated frying

If you are going to fry something at home, it will not be fried through if there is less oil, so just A lot of oil will be used. If you are reluctant to pour out the oil after frying the plants, it is actually very unhealthy to store it in a container for the next use. Because there will be a lot of trans fatty acids in the oil for repeated frying, it will not only cause fat, but also increaseDementia, cardiovascular disease risk, more importantly, it may also contain carcinogenic substance.

In summary, lard can be eaten in moderation, that is, it should not exceed 50 grams per day. The above 3 kinds of oil should be eaten less, it is best not to eat, to prevent any health risks to the whole family.


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