Zhangjiajie: Safety Makeup joins hands with “Tong”hang Cosmetics Safety Science to enter the campus

On November 22, the Zhangjiajie market supervision department entered Zhangjiajie No. 1 Kindergarten to carry out a cosmetics safety popularization activity with the theme of “safe use of makeup and children’s travel”, focusing on the characteristics of children’s skin and the application of children’s cosmetics Knowledge of selection and use, and raising public awareness of the safe and rational use of children’s cosmetics.

At the event site, approved by the market supervision department Set up publicity display boards, hang publicity banners, distribute publicity materials, answer questions on the spot, etc., and integrate children’s cosmetics knowledge into children’s daily teaching. Through watching popular science animations, live performances by teachers, fun games, and children participating in interactions Give lectures.

The law enforcement officers of the Municipal Bureau also conducted live webcast lectures for parents of young children, so that parents can understand the laws and regulations related to cosmetics, understand the “Little Golden Shield” logo of children’s cosmetics, how to choose children’s cosmetics and use children’s cosmetics correctly Cosmetics have further scientific understanding. (Contribution: Yao Yiqing, Zhangjiajie Market Supervision Bureau)

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[Source: Hunan Municipal Supervision Bureau_City News]

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