Cili County: The village is beautiful, the people are rich and the industry is prosperous

“The 30 million yuan of provincial-level promotion of rural revitalization will eventually ‘be spent in Cili’. This fund will be used to consolidate and expand the construction of industrial demonstration parks that have achieved results in poverty alleviation!” Walking into the countryside of Cili County, the fields are fragrant. The bumper harvest is ushered in. There are many traffic buildings in the village, and the courtyard is clean and tidy, with laughter and laughter… There are golden and yellow harvest scenes everywhere, and beautiful pictures of the village’s beauties and people’s wealth can be seen everywhere.

“The countryside has become more beautiful, the quality of life has improved, and the new wind of civilization has blown to every corner.” This year, Cili County has piloted construction in 23 villages (neighborhoods) in 6 townships (streets) “Beautiful housing estates” create beautiful villages suitable for living, business, and tourism. Through the beautification, lighting and road improvement of market towns and villages, the living environment in rural areas is improved, and the “small beauty” of housing estates gathers the “big” villages. “beautiful” to realize the overall planning and integration of “beautiful housing estates” with beautiful scenery and beautiful industries. At present, there are 50 “beautiful houses” in the county shining brightly and with different styles. Among them, 39 houses in Yanghe Tujia Township and Sanguansi Tujia Township highlight tourism features. The outstanding folk features of the housing estates have attracted a large number of tourists to “check in” and drive rural tourism in Cili.

After winning the overall victory in the battle against poverty, Cili County continued to promote, consolidate and expand the achievements of poverty alleviation and effectively link up with rural revitalization, focusing on “cooperating with farmers and leading farmers” to revitalize industries, and making every effort to create a “Cili model” for rural revitalization . Since the beginning of this year, Cili County has continued to cultivate new business entities to “empower blood” for rural revitalization. The county will become bigger, stronger, and better with “small-scale, multi-variety, and high-quality” characteristic agriculture, and innovate the model of “park + company + cooperative + base + farmer” and “company (leading enterprise) + cooperative + base + farmer”, Promote people to increase their income and become rich. At present, the county has established 2 strong towns in the national agricultural industry, 10 provincial-level demonstration parks of modern agricultural industrial parks, 1 production base of high-quality agricultural products, and 57 leading enterprises above the municipal level, driving a total of 27,880 people out of poverty to achieve employment and income increase; The county’s 773 farmers’ cooperatives and 559 family farms have also driven 19,336 people out of poverty to find employment at their doorstep. The rural revitalization strategy has been implemented in Cili, and it has been effective, so that the majority of farmers can share a better life.

“Financial services reach the ground, and the revitalization of the countryside is promising!” Zhu Fang, a large planter in Tongjinpu Town, Cili County, said that buying agricultural machinery, agricultural materials, and paying transfer fees for autumn harvest and autumn sowing requires money There are many places, and the Cili County Rural Revitalization Bureau supports and guides poverty-stricken households to make good use of microfinance preferential interest rates, extension and renewal of loans and other policies, alleviating the pressure on repayment. As of November 10, the balance of microfinance for poverty alleviation in Cili County was 5,031 with a total of 230.34 million yuan, and a total of 1,351 new loans with a total of 62.8 million yuan were issued. Cili County’s “grain bags”, “vegetable baskets” and “fruit plates” are full of “financial flow”, and the development of the rural revitalization industry is full of confidence. The magnificent picture of Cili County’s comprehensive promotion of rural revitalization is even more impressive and can be expected.

[Source: Zhangjiajie People’s Government Network]

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