Yangliupu Township, Cili County: The orchard is dyed into a “golden mountain” sweet orange harvest warms the hearts of the people

Red net moment Zhangjiajie November 28 News (correspondent Gu Shaonan) The green mountains are far away, and the orange fruit is fragrant. Recently, the citrus orchards in Yangliupu Township, Cili County are orange, yellow and green, and the citrus growers are busy picking and packing the citrus in the groves.

“The price of citrus is good, and it is really not easy for orange farmers to have a good harvest.” The relevant person in charge of Yangliupu Township lamented. This year, Yangliupu Township has encountered a severe drought, and major industries have also been affected to varying degrees, especially citrus, flue-cured tobacco, live pigs, vegetables, and forests. The Yangliupu Township Party Committee and Government dealt with emergencies calmly, formulated work measures in line with the actual conditions of the township, focused on key points, and implemented policies accurately.

Orange farmers in Kangzhuang Village are busy picking . (Photographed by Liu Gaolin)

“The citrus industry in our village has been affected by the drought, and the production has been reduced, but the measures have been taken properly, and some orange trees have been preserved, and the golden autumn sugar oranges are also selling very well.” Shenzhong Village, Yangliupu Township According to the person in charge, Shenzhong Village is close to Shimen County, the soil is naturally rich in selenium, the climate is pleasant, and the advantages of citrus planting are obvious. By the end of this year, the citrus planting scale in Shenzhong Village has reached thousands of acres. Due to the drought, there are many dead citrus trees. However, the price of citrus is high due to the small market stock of citrus, and the demand from customers is also high. Can also achieve a good harvest of citrus. Since the introduction of Jinqiu Shatangju began to benefit, Shen Zhongcun seized the business opportunity and adopted the methods of customer picking, online direct purchase and door-to-door delivery, and more than 200 acres of Jinqiu Shatangju were wiped out. With its bright color, high sweetness, and slag-melting characteristics, the Little Golden Autumn Tangerine has attracted many repeat customers in the coming years.

The village secretary of Shen Zhongcun is Golden Autumn Sugar Orange endorsement.

In recent years, in order to realize the smooth realization of the advantages of the citrus industry and let the “money bags” of orange farmers grow up, Yangliupu Township has adhered to the leadership of party building, played the role of grassroots party organizations, planned in advance, actively connected, and strived to ” Online and offline go hand in hand.

“Online” guides all rural cadres to participate, and connects with multiple chambers of commerce, townspeople, supermarkets, foreign businessmen, and community e-commerce companies, and uses “circle of friends” for sales; implement the national e-commerce strategy , Set up an e-commerce sales team to achieve the goals of processing quality control, micro-business development, e-commerce construction, channel connection, and after-sales service. Through citrus drainage, expand the sales of other agricultural products and drive the prosperity of various industries.

“Offline”, intends to standardize and upgrade the traditional sales model, guide farmers, cooperatives, and purchasers to change their concepts, position products, and take market segmentation as the guide to upgrade and introduce production lines. Support the construction of ventilation warehouse and cold chain system, realize the primary and deep processing of products, and strengthen the rural public brand of “Selenium with Willow”.

At the same time, a professor from Hunan Agricultural University and a technical team from Shimen Xiangjia Citrus Friends were hired to hold more than 40 training sessions on citrus planting techniques in sub-villages, sub-sections, and evening schools in the township. Benefiting nearly 6,000 orange farmers in the township; building a 42-acre high-standard demonstration garden, distributing pesticides for disease and insect pest control free of charge, guiding flowering pruning, fruit-enhancing fertilizer application and other techniques, which solved the concerns of growers.

Baojing village fruit packing overnight (Photo by Peng Xinhua)

Currently, Yangliupu Township is taking advantage of the fine weather to carry out picking and packing operations. 18,000 mu of citrus have been picked one after another, and the market has responded well, effectively increasing farmers’ income and becoming rich, and helping rural revitalization.

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