Zhang Chaoyang said that too much sleep is harmful, 4 hours a day is good, is that so?

Recently, Sohu CEO Mr. Zhang Chaoyang publicly stated that most people do not need to sleep for a long time every day, but 4 hours of sleep a day is enough. Is it bad to sleep too much?

Of course it’s harmful. To talk about toxicity without taking the dose is a hooligan. Excessive human physiological behavior is harmful, not to mention sleep. Inhaling too much will cause oxygen poisoning, drinking too much water will cause edema of the whole body, and breathing too fast will lead to alkalosis, so all excessive behaviors are harmful.

But the second half of the sentence is up for debate. The normal sleep time of people is slightly different for different people. Some people need to sleep for 8 hours, and some people sleep for 4 hours. , many celebrities sleep very short, Nikola Tesla sleeps two hours a day. Winston Churchill every four hours. Italian politician Silvio Berlusconi only sleeps four hours a day, including Zhang Chaoyang himself, but these people cannot represent everyone. For most people, too short sleep time is not good for health. Working overtime and staying up late may damage immunity.

Zhang Chaoyang has a short official sleep time, but he often makes up for sleep, especially during meetings.