Is it a sign of serious illness for Lin Zhiying to insert a gastric tube after facial surgery? It’s just a routine after a lot of facial surgery

Lin Zhiying has undergone several operations after the car accident. The most recent one was a facial fracture operation 9 days ago. Titanium alloy was placed to reshape the facial contour. Although the appearance is unlikely to return to the past, But there is no doubt that a certain degree of recovery can be achieved. Yesterday, the media revealed that Lin Zhiying’s condition is not very good and needs to be intubated for feeding, which has attracted the attention of many netizens. So is the intubation of the gastric tube a sign of dying?

It depends on the situation. We have seen some elderly people in the hospital who have multiple organ failures when they are critically ill. They do need a gastric tube to help eat and avoid stomach Chyme backflows into the trachea causing suffocation. A person’s ability to eat is the most basic ability of a person, and it is usually the last ability to be lost when exhausted. If you can no longer eat by yourself, it means that other organs in the body have long been unable to work independently and have reached a critically ill state. This situation is very serious.

But there are some special cases, such as interruption or obstruction of the passage from the mouth to the esophagus and then to the stomach, it is also necessary to forcibly open a passage through the gastric tube to ensure a smooth diet, especially After facial fracture surgery, the function of some parts needs to be run-in, and some parts are swollen, which compresses the oropharynx or esophagus, making it difficult to eat. At this time, a gastric tube needs to be inserted to survive the dangerous period.

Therefore, inserting a gastric tube does not necessarily mean that life is in danger. It may be just a transitional measure. When the function recovers, you can remove the gastric tube and eat normally.