Your WeChat is exposing your level

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Author: Wen Qiusheng

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01. Introduction

Friends are a bundle in this world Light, illuminate your life path.

In the vast crowd, we will meet and interact with all kinds of people. Among them, I was hurt because I met people who were not nice, because I didn’t know how to distinguish the masks that others wore on their faces.

Learning to choose friends and learn to understand people’s hearts has become an important lesson in life.

If you want to understand a person’s character and self-cultivation, you can see it from the subtleties of life.

From WeChat, you can see a person’s level.

WeChat is quietly selling a person’s hobbies, dealing with others, as well as his character and self-cultivation. If you want to know a person, you don’t need to try, you can find out through WeChat.

02. From chatting, see a person’s self-cultivation

When people get along with each other, contact is inevitable.

A person can tell whether he is a cultivated person in his habit of connecting with others.

A well-educated person will not play videos or voices at will when contacting others, and will not make sounds at will, disturbing other people’s lives or Work.

In life, there are always a few people who send boring voices or videos from time to time, no matter whether others are interested or not, they will keep sending them .

Maybe, he thought he was “sharing” what he saw and heard, but in fact, he was disturbing other people’s lives.

When people with low levels send messages to others, they also send voice directly, never considering whether it is convenient for the other party to answer. Or, play a video directly, regardless of other people’s wishes.

Schiller said: “He who does not respect others will not be respected by others.”

Being a person has no sense of boundaries, and it is easy to arouse resentment from others. Many people are unwilling to endure “casual” interruptions, and will block him directly, and are unwilling to be friends with him again.

03. Look at a person’s character from the reply information

When contacting people, there is a response, which is a kind of reliability.

Many people communicate through WeChat to understand each other’s work progress in order to cooperate better.

If the information sent to a person is not responded to in a timely manner, it will be difficult to continue the work.

People with unreliable character will deliberately choose not to reply when they see other people’s messages, or deliberately perfunctory, or habitually shirk responsibility.

Reliable people will respond as soon as possible, and explain in detail which step the work has reached, what they can do, and where they need the other party’s support help.

In life, relatives, friends, and lovers also exchange feelings through WeChat, or maintain the relationship between each other.

People with bad character are full of perfunctory and impatient when replying to messages. When I see unread news, I feel that it is not important to me, and I don’t care if others are in a hurry, so I just pretend not to see it. There is no response for a long time. Such a person cannot do things from the beginning to the end, and has a poor sense of responsibility.

A person with a good character will always reply as soon as he sees the information, solve the problem as soon as possible, and respond to everything, which makes people feel that he is a very reliable person. Spectrum people.

04. From giving out red envelopes, you can see a person’s ability

In life, those who always love to grab Red envelopes, but a person who does not give out, loves to be greedy for petty gain. People who are greedy for cheap often have a calculating personality.

Zuo Zongtang said: “If you are cheap, you should not make money with them; if you are suspicious, you should not seek business with them.”

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People who like to take advantage of small things, no matter what they do, they can’t suffer a little bit and spend more effort. All things will be considered from their own perspective, lacking some spirit of solidarity and mutual assistance.

The lower the level, the more stingy the attitude towards money.

In life, he cares about everything and takes advantage of everything. Maybe it’s because he can’t make money, so he always wants to “make some money” by grabbing red envelopes.

A person who is too stingy has a small structure, and no one wants to associate with such a person. It is difficult for a person to develop well without making connections.

As for those who grab the red envelopes and can’t help but want to give them out, they are often kind, generous, and have the ability to make money.

When getting along with others, he has the spirit of giving and the thinking of “giving up profits”. Such a person, with deep friendship and cooperation, will not treat others badly.

05, Wen Qiusheng’s message

In WeChat chat, you can tell whether a person is polite and respects others.

Maybe some people will keep in touch with you on WeChat frequently, but they don’t necessarily treat you sincerely, and they don’t necessarily have to be reliable people.

From the WeChat chat, if you observe carefully, it is easy to see what level a person is at.

You can pay more attention to some details, look at his chat habits, whether he is always actively grabbing red envelopes, whether he can reply messages in time, generally You can judge whether this person is worthy of deep friendship.

On the road of life, you must manage your own circle and stay away from those low-level people. When necessary, it can be cleaned in time.

Make friends with kind, upright and reliable people, so that life will become warmer and warmer.


About the author: Wen Qiusheng lives on words. The autumn wind boils the rain, a glass of sake, two or three stories, and I will be with you on the lonely road.