Two kinds of worms are commonly used in tumor treatment. They may look ugly, but they are good products for tumor transformation

1. Scorpion. That is what we often call scorpion, which is a classic drug in traditional Chinese medicine insect medicine, but not every kind of scorpion can be used as medicine. At present, the dried body of East Asian scorpion is used as medicine.

Scorpion has the functions of relieving pain and dredging collaterals, calming spasm and wind, attacking poison and dispelling stagnation, which is recorded in “Compendium of Materia Medica”. The powerful ability of scorpion to attack poison and dissipate stagnation can kill tumors and achieve the purpose of rapidly reducing tumor volume.

Of course, the role of scorpion is not limited to tumors, it belongs to the liver meridian , has a therapeutic effect on various symptoms caused by liver wind internal movement. Such as convulsions, hemiplegia, tetanus and rheumatism.

2. Earth Dragon. That is to say, there are only a few species of earthworms that can be used as medicine, including the dried body of the genus ginseng, the common worm, the William worm, or the blind worm.

Traditional Chinese medicine has a long history of using earthworm as medicine, which can be traced back to the earliest Chinese medicine classics In “Shen Nong’s Materia Medica”. From the perspective of modern medicine, earthworm can contain special earthworm element and earthworm antipyretic alkali.

These effective substances can promote the transformation of lymphocytes in patients and regulate immune function , thereby inhibiting the growth rate of tumors and achieving anticancer effects. Therefore, modern medicine believes that earthworm is a natural “immunity enhancer”.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the effect of earthworm is not only these, but also dredging collaterals and promoting blood circulation, relieving asthma, Diuretic, resolve asthma, scrofula, sores and hemiplegia caused by stroke.

Earth Dragon and Scorpion are the core medicines of the “Removing Accumulation and Blood Stasis Method” that I use to treat tumors. The effect of dispelling swelling, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, combined with the flavored Erchen Decoction, can quickly dissolve the volume of cancerous tumors or common polyps and nodules, and significantly reduce the chance of recurrence.

I am Qian Yanfang, an oncologist of traditional Chinese medicine, who has been treating tumors for more than 40 years , who is good at using the combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine to treat common cancers such as lung cancer, gastric cancer, and liver cancer. If you have any tumor-related problems, you can contact me by private message.