A person who has experienced “great suffering” will have the following manifestations

Author: Wen Qiusheng

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01. Introduction

Life is like a There is a marathon, but everyone’s starting line is different.

Some people are born very happy, their parents love them, and their growth path is smooth. And some people are bullied by life, lack food and clothing, and cannot get warmth and love.

The former, on the journey of happiness, gradually completed the growth. The latter, however, gradually completed the transformation in the midst of suffering.

It can actually be seen whether a person has suffered a lot.

Bi Shumin said: “No matter what the world treats you, please continue to work hard, be brave, and be full of hope.”


Everyone has their own unique route, what they see, hear, and experience is completely different. On the road of life, people who have really experienced “great suffering” will have the following performance.

02. Live very independently and never depend on anyone

On the road of life, everything we encounter and every hardship we experience will gradually make us understand how important it is to rely on ourselves.

People who have suffered a lot often live very independently, and they no longer depend on anyone from the bottom of their hearts.

Because, having endured hardships and walked the thorny road, I already understand that in this world, no one can really be relied on, and no one can help anyone for a lifetime.

“Offshore” wrote: “Everything you have learned, every suffering you have suffered, will be at some point in your life. This will come in handy at this time.”

Those who have suffered a lot will be very grateful for those trials. Because those sufferings made him no longer timid in this world.

On the road of life, no matter what kind of situation they encounter, they can always use their own abilities to save the day.

Those who have endured hardship have developed the ability to love thinking. They have flexible minds, careful thinking, and can protect themselves without hurting others.

When encountering difficulties or setbacks, you can rely on yourself to break through the predicament and live calmly.

03. Have a vision for the future and know how to plan ahead

In this world, many people will step into the mud and fall into the trough.

The people who have really suffered a lot have developed the habit of not asking for help easily in their lives. They become visionary for the future.

No matter what kind of situation you live in, you should know how to plan ahead and plan for yourself.

People who have suffered a lot are good at looking at problems with a long-term perspective. Even if they have achieved a staged victory, they will not be complacent. Instead, they will consider what to do next and how to develop stably.

Because, having endured hardships and detours, I began to understand the importance of planning ahead for life.

Setting goals for life and planning well can reduce some risks in the future. Instead, wait until something happens and then panic to remedy it.

Those who have endured hardship are used to taking one step and thinking three steps. For the future, make a good plan, eliminate hidden dangers, ensure a smooth and smooth development in the future, and avoid further harm to yourself.

What you want, you will plan step by step, keep working hard, and finally get the life you want.

04. Be kind to others, be compassionate in heart, and be stable in life

People, here In the world, the more you experience, the more you understand other people’s feelings and thoughts.

A person suffers too much, and seeing others suffer , Those who are suffering will empathize. When meeting those who need help, I can’t help but lend a helping hand, and help each other if I can.

Because, people who have suffered a lot understand how difficult and anxious a person will be when they are in a trough.

Eat People who suffer a lot, when getting along with others, they can always keep their original intentions, kindness and compassion.

Because of the experience , that’s why I have compassion. I feel too much darkness and pain, and I long for warmth and peace.

When getting along with others, I don’t care too much about winning or losing. He is kind and stable. He will not hurt others at will, and will not ignore others’ feelings.

Faced with others asking for help, he is willing to dedicate all his energy and time, To help those who have been hurt like him.

Those who have suffered a lot, although they feel the helplessness and pain in this world, he can make people feel He is as warm as the sun.

05. Message from Wen Qiusheng

On the road of life, suffering will make a person mature and wise.

Bing Xin said: “Successful flowers, people only admire its bright and beautiful, but the buds at the beginning were soaked in the tears of struggle and scattered all over the place. The blood rain of sacrifice.”

A person behaves grandly, maturely, calmly, and even has some mature attitudes, which is not his natural personality. Rather, on the road of life, he has gone through too many thorns and ups and downs, smoothed the edges and corners, and achieved his excellence.

On the road of life, on the road of suffering, please don’t be afraid, don’t run away. Because, you will become stronger.

If there is someone who has suffered a lot by your side, please treat him kindly and care about him. Because, a person who has suffered a lot, as long as he is a little warm, he will give you his sincerity.

In life, although there is a bitter taste, as long as you live well, it will definitely give you a sweet taste.


About the author: Wen Qiusheng lives on words. The autumn wind boils the rain, a glass of sake, two or three stories, and I will be with you on the lonely road.