Yingze District, Taiyuan City: Create an “epidemic-free community” to protect the safety of the masses

The community immediately set up an implementation team for epidemic prevention and control; more than 870 cadres went to the community and villages; more than 7,200 party members and more than 6,350 volunteers joined the front line…

In the past few days, the anti-epidemic charge has continued to sound. Yingze District, Taiyuan City quickly responded to the call of the superiors, and in accordance with the requirements of the provincial party committee and the deployment of the municipal party committee, Focusing on party building and promoting the establishment of “epidemic-free communities”, highlighting “early, quick and accurate”, and quickly transmitting various deployments to “nerve endings”, using the community network The grid “holds” the safety of thousands of households.

Keep an eye on “early”——< /span>

Organize and optimize to protect the community door

After the outbreak of this round of epidemic, the Yingze District Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters paid close attention to “early” and launched the emergency plan as soon as possible. 30 district-level leaders , 78 street and town leaders divided into 112 communities and villages, upgraded command, on-site dispatch, and quickly dealt with various risks.

“The ‘epidemic-free community’ was created, there are no bystanders, and everyone is responsible.” Under the efficient dispatch of party organizations at all levels , this concept has already been put into action.

In Yingze Street, 102 leaders of the Loudong party group took the initiative to become the “gatekeepers” of the community, giving full play to the leading role of party members and working with the community Personnel assist and cooperate to further enrich the epidemic prevention and control capabilities.

“Thank you for their dedication and dedication. Seeing them makes us feel at ease. To create a ‘epidemic-free community’, as residents, we must not believe or spread rumors, and share positive energy Pass it on,” said Kang Gailian, a resident.

On November 13, after the first high-risk area was demarcated in Yingze District, all communities took immediate action to quickly demarcate and delimit In the grid unit, an implementation team for the prevention and control of the epidemic is established. The cadres of the “two committees” of the community or the party branch secretary of the community (grid) serve as the group leader, plus more than 8 to 20 people including resident party members, dispatched cadres, and property personnel. Responsible for community epidemic prevention and residents’ living security.

Dong Lanying, Secretary of the First Party Branch of Xiyuan Community, South Inner Ring Street 1 Community, is 70 years old this year. She is the “gatekeeper” of the community in the hearts of residents . She said: “Doing a good job in epidemic prevention requires the leadership of the community party committee and the overall planning of the community party organization. Now, the epidemic prevention work in the community is relatively smooth, which is inseparable from the optimization of the organization and the enrichment of personnel.”

Highlight “fast”——

The mechanism promotes the protection of community members


In the past few days, 57 district departments in Yingze District have partnered with 112 communities and villages Together, more than 870 government cadres were dispatched to the front line of the community. Party members and volunteers quickly assembled and devoted themselves to the community’s epidemic prevention, and the community’s “conversion to emergency” was quickly realized.

Under the call of the “15 Conventions on the Commitment of All Staff to Epidemic Prevention and Control and Jointly Creating an “Epidemic-Free Community””, in “Peaceful Warfare Driven by the “time” conversion mechanism, the forces and resources of all parties were quickly mobilized.

The person in charge of the party committee of the China Academy of Daily Chemistry, the resident unit in Yingze District, led more than 80 party members and workers to the front line of anti-epidemic to assist the community in various epidemic prevention work. 985 Hospital, Diabetes Hospital, Shanxi Hui 135 doctors from 8 resident medical institutions, including the People’s Hospital, participated in the community nucleic acid testing for the first time, helping to add more than 70 testing sampling points, making up for the shortage of sampling personnel in the community.

In a community of Shuixiguan Street, Miaoqian Street, more than 220 party members and volunteers formed 8 emergency teams to assist 8 community Party branches to complete emergency duty, nucleic acid testing, and material distribution. Li Honghong, secretary of the community party committee, said: “Party members who are serving actively report to work and obey the unified dispatch, enriching the community’s epidemic prevention force and becoming a new force in community epidemic prevention and control. ”

Yingze District issued a volunteer recruitment proposal, which was released through WeChat groups, public accounts and other channels, and more than 6,350 volunteers responded quickly , join the community anti-epidemic team, and become the “Vanguard” of epidemic prevention and control.

Bite the “quasi”——

< p data-track="41">Joint defense and joint efforts to do community affairs well

In Laojunying Street, 113 deputies to the National People’s Congress, members of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, and non-public party members put on “red vests” to serve residents; Time to send support forces… A phrase I often hear is: “If there is anything I can do, just arrange it! “

Luo Jing is a member of the Confucian Temple Community United Property Management Committee. She and her husband are both retired soldiers and enthusiastic people in the community. This round After the outbreak, the husband and wife stepped forward, one was in charge of the community building on duty, and the other was at the nucleic acid testing site to guide the crowd and maintain order.

< span>This kind of joint defense and linkage is not only widely carried out in the streets, but also all units and departments in Yingze District have acted quickly, biting the “standard” and jointly building the “epidemic-free community” in the grid The internal compaction is compact and detailed, and the affairs of serving residents are handled well.

In order to prevent residents from waiting too long during nucleic acid screening, welcome The Ze District Health and Sports Bureau set up 795 testing and sampling points, and deployed 270 sampling personnel from provincial and municipal hospitals such as Shanxi Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Taiyuan People’s Hospital; the District Transportation Bureau invested a total of 295 sample transfer vehicles, and invested There were 31 transfer buses, and a total of 750 personnel were transferred. Such investment made the sample delivery and personnel transfer fast and efficient.

In order to transfer garbage in the community in a timely manner, the Urban Management Bureau of Yingze District has increased the frequency of garbage removal and transportation. Since the silent management, it has cleaned up more than 2,000 tons of garbage; The community and village organize work teams to conduct a comprehensive patrol of the silent area every hour to ensure the continuous safety and stability of the society…

< span>In addition, many volunteers led enthusiastic people to transform into “express delivery brothers” and “psychological counselors” to understand residents’ needs, comfort residents’ emotions, and provide residents with services such as picking up express delivery, delivering meals, throwing away Garbage and other services.

Department unit defense Linkages have gathered a strong joint force of epidemic prevention; party members and volunteers interact and help each other, becoming a heart-warming team serving residents. In the establishment of “epidemic-free communities”, Yingze District strives to achieve “strict management and heart-warming services We must keep up with”, make every effort to build a strong community defense line, and protect the safety of the masses.

Source: Published by Yingze< /p>