Thirsty at night? It may not be lack of water, but “virtual”! One tea and one porridge, drive away dryness


Have you ever observed your tongue? Have there been any white moss or cracks? If you have dry mouth, dry eyes, and dry skin at the same time, and you can’t quench your thirst with how much water you drink, especially at night, your dryness may come from a kind of “deficiency”. Experts combine nearly 40 years of clinical experience to show you how to look at your health through tongue images.


expert One patient was like this, his mouth became sticky when he spoke, and he had to drink a sip of water for two sentences. He had to bring a thermos cup when he went out. He could drink water anytime and anywhere but it didn’t quench his thirst, and he couldn’t eat dry food such as steamed buns.< /span>Tongue coating is dry and cracked, he thought he had diabetes or kidney disease, and went to the hospital to check all indicators were normal.

Director Tao told us that uncle Dryness, also manifested as dry eyes, dry skin, dry nasal cavity, dry trachea, etc. This disease is called Sjogren’s syndrome in Western medicine, but from the perspective of Chinese medicine, he did Behind it is actually a kind of deficiency—Deficiency of Qi and Yin.

01 Dryness caused by Qi and Yin deficiency has four major characteristics

  • Thirsty but drinking water cannot relieve it, and even the more The more thirsty you drink
  • Obvious dry mouth at night
  • More common in middle-aged and elderly< /span>
  • With other symptoms, such as weak waist and knees, easy fatigue

Director Tao has a habit of showing Every patient in the clinic took a picture of the tongue. After practicing medicine for nearly forty years, Director Tao took thousands of tongue pictures with this dry characteristic on his mobile phone. After studying the rules, he sorted out the following two special The tongue image, these two tongue images indicate that you have deficiency of Qi and Yin!

02gas Why does deficiency of both yin and yin appear on the tongue coating?

The tongue coating is formed by the steaming of the stomach qi, if the stomach Insufficient qi, body fluid cannot be vaporized, and the water cannot be absorbed by the body, which is manifested on the tongue as white coating and cracks.

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01Pre-stage-Qi Yin Deficiency or Spleen Deficiency Phlegm Dampness

Only when the spleen is strong in transportation and transformation can the water be boiled to moisten the five internal organs. Spleen deficiency and phlegm dampness are like a piece of plasticine blocking the spout, and the boiled water cannot flow out normally. The end result is dampness, fatigue, joint pain, and even thick and greasy tongue coating and tooth marks .

Symptoms:Dry mouth and eyes, fatigue, fatigue, dizziness, sleepiness, heavy limbs, sticky stools

Tongue appearance: The tongue is dry, or has cracks, the tongue is fat, and the tongue coating is thick and greasy.

Phlegm dampness loves fire, I recommend a bowl of porridge

Su stem is perilla The stem of the grass has a strong effect of promoting qi. Using it can dispel the sticky and greasy phlegm that blocks the spout of the pot, so as to ensure the smooth movement of the human body’s qi and facilitate the distribution of water and liquid; Poria cocos invigorates the spleen and eliminates dampness, which is mild and non-irritating; Japonica rice warms the stomach and can also benefit qi, and there will be no side effects if the three are taken for a long time.

Recipe of Huashi Moisturizing and Drying< /span>

【Composition】 Poria cocos 15g, Su stem 10g, japonica rice 80g

[How to do it]Decoct the stalks with water to get the juice, add Poria cocos and japonica rice to make porridge and take it.

02Mid-term – Significant deficiency of Qi and Yin

Symptoms:Dryness, worse fatigue than before, loss of appetite, joint pain

Tongue:< /strong>Tongue dryness, cracks, peeling tongue coating

A cup of tea can solve dry mouth

< p data-track="62">Mulberry nourishes liver and kidney yin, lily nourishes lung yin, malt invigorates spleen and promotes qi, and the combination of three medicinal and edible ingredients can nourish but not stagnate, so that yin fluid can be transported smoothly, Nourishing yin, nourishing the whole body, and solving dry mouth and tongue.

Yin-Yin Tea

【Composition】 Mulberry 15g, Lily 10g (medicinal lily has more soothing effect), raw malt 10g

【Usage】 After brewing with boiling water, steep for a while to replace tea.

【Reminder】 Not suitable for lactating women


03< /span>Late stage – mixed with heat, blood stasis and even heat poison

If You have irritability, hot flashes, thirst, and even drinking water does not work. It is possible that the spleen dampness in your body has been further mixed with dryness and heat, just like there is no water in the kettle but it is kept dry, and it will cause damage to the organs in the long run. damage.

Symptoms: Dryness of mouth, nose, throat and whole body, brittle teeth, loss of teeth Darkening, irritability, hot flashes, insomnia

Tongue phenomenon: Thin tongue , with cracks, red tongue, no coating

Thirsty at night – dry rinse and drink

Forsythia clears away heat and disperses fire, detoxifies and dissipates stagnation, and relieves sore throat; light bamboo leaves clears heart and dissipates heat, especially suitable for severe thirst at night, dry tongue with cracks, and dry throat For strong> people, gargling with it before going to bed can relieve symptoms.

Dry rinse

【Composition】 9 grams of light bamboo leaves, 10g of forsythia

< p data-track="88">【Usage】 Use a thermos pot to soak for 10-15 minutes, use it to gargle for 20-30 seconds before going to bed and spit it out, which can relieve dry mouth and improve sleep.

【Reminder】 Weak spleen and stomach, prone to diarrhea, you can rinse your mouth, but oral administration is not recommended.