Yangqu County, Taiyuan City: Dayu Town guards the “small gate” of the village to create a “epidemic-free village”

In the face of the recent complex and severe epidemic prevention and control situation, in order to effectively protect the lives, health and safety of the people, Jizhengou Village, Dayu Town, Yangqu County, Taiyuan City insists on party building Leading, taking the establishment of “epidemic-free villages” as an important part of the special action of grasping party building and promoting the improvement of grassroots governance capabilities, and going all out to promote the creation of “epidemic-free villages”.

Party building leads, Building a “Red Fortress”

Since the establishment of a disease-free village was launched, Dayu Town Zhengou Village adheres to the guidance of party building, coordinates the layout, holds a promotion meeting for the creation of “epidemic-free villages”, and makes detailed arrangements for the creation work. In light of the actual situation of the village, the working procedures were formulated, and an organizational structure of “one office and nine groups” was established to tighten and consolidate the responsibilities of all parties for epidemic prevention. Establish 10 systems, including the nucleic acid testing management system in Jizhengou Village, Dayu Town, the dynamic management system for migrants, the on-duty system for epidemic prevention and control, the reporting system for weddings and funerals, and the assistance system for needy groups, to standardize various tasks in epidemic prevention and control. At the same time, the village party-mass service center is transformed into a “front-line headquarters” to rationally play the role of various functional rooms such as warm bee stations and convenience stores, and to regularly equip epidemic prevention materials such as masks, alcohol, and protective clothing to build a “red fortress” in the village. “.

Grid Combat , forming a “red heart power” , Optimizing the grid settings, 3 small grids, 6 micro grids, more than 20 grid staff and volunteers quickly assembled to do a comprehensive job in personnel screening, nucleic acid testing, material supply, isolation control, home services, etc. To further improve the accuracy, effectiveness and coverage of various prevention and control measures. Give full play to the core strength of “party members + volunteers + grid members”, identify various groups of people, key institutions and key places in the village, and establish 12 accounts for special care groups, risk groups, key industry personnel, mobile personnel, etc., to ensure that the strength is in the The frontline gathers, the situation is grasped on the frontline, and the problems are solved on the frontline. At the same time, grid members and volunteers went to the village to carry out publicity, and guided the party members and cadres of the whole village to build up firm confidence in winning the battle of epidemic prevention and control and annihilation, forming a “red heart force” for mass prevention and mass governance.

Gather strength, Build a “red line of defense”

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Jizhengou Village, Dayu Town The “white + black” and “5+2” work of party members and cadres has become the norm. The party members and workers on duty at the checkpoints stick to it 24 hours a day. With the help of site codes, duty lists, and entry and exit registration forms, they strictly implement the “four elements” of temperature measurement, scanning codes, wearing masks, and checking nucleic acid certificates, and do a good job in the registration of outsiders. Strictly abide by the epidemic prevention barriers of the village. Relying on the “village-grid-micro-grid” WeChat groups at all levels, party members and cadres in the whole village pay close attention to and respond to villagers’ demands in a timely manner, publicize the knowledge of epidemic prevention and control, and at the same time advocate changing customs and handling affairs in a civilized manner, and extensively mobilize villagers to “postpone weddings, funerals, etc. Keep it simple, and do not hold other banquets” to prevent the spread of clustered epidemics. And through air classrooms, hanging banners, etc., the latest epidemic prevention and control policies and health protection knowledge publicity and education such as the “15 Conventions on All Staff Participating in Epidemic Prevention and Control and Jointly Creating an “Epidemic-Free Community”” have been done to mobilize villagers’ enthusiasm for epidemic prevention , improve self-protection awareness, and jointly create a strong atmosphere of “epidemic prevention and control, everyone is responsible”.

Source: Yangqu Group