Yangqu County, Taiyuan City: Party building leads the whole mechanism, Party members take the lead in building fortresses

Yangqu County, Taiyuan City fully implements the relevant deployment requirements of the central government, the province and the city on epidemic prevention and control, and will focus on party building to promote the improvement of grassroots governance capabilities and grasp community (village) epidemic prevention and control The establishment of “epidemic-free communities (villages)” will be solidly promoted through the organic combination of prevention and control, deepening the construction of mechanisms and systems.

The majority of party members and cadres showed their identities, were pioneers, and set an example, and they devoted themselves to fighting on duty, monitoring and controlling, and helping difficulties at stuck points In each position, a “red fortress” for epidemic prevention and control has been built, and a powerful joint force has been united and united to fight against the “epidemic”.

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Standing on the “epidemic” line

“Everyone chose me, which shows that everyone trusts me. I can’t live up to everyone’s great trust. It is worthwhile to work hard for everyone’s safety.” Wang Furong is the deputy director of Xihanhu Village, Lingjingdian Township. At the same time, he is also a rural doctor who has worked on the rural medical front for more than 20 years.

In the early morning, a biting cold wind blows, and in the quiet village, Wang Furong has already shuttled on the country road wearing a military coat with a flashlight , a ray of light illuminated the dark night sky, and the hot air exhaled from his mouth was clearly visible. “What happened at night?” Wang Furong came to a checkpoint in the village to learn more about the situation on duty. In order to inspect the on-duty work at each checkpoint, he has been exhausted physically and mentally from the days of running around. Getting an early sleep has become his biggest wish now, and the color steel house at the checkpoint at the village entrance has also become his temporary home.

A branch is a fortress, and a party member is a banner. Under the leadership of Wang Furong, many party members in the village took the initiative to volunteer and quickly joined the frontline duty of epidemic prevention and control, fulfilling their original mission with practical actions. Since the establishment of the “epidemic-free community (village)”, Yangqu County has established a sound checkpoint registration management system, and more than 40 Party members and leading cadres of the fourth-level investigators and above in the county have routinely descended to 5 expressway intersections and are on duty 24 hours a day Troubleshoot.

There are 17 main traffic arterial roads and 128 important traffic checkpoints and village (community) checkpoints in the county. 170 volunteer service teams of party members implement a 24-hour duty system, strictly implement management measures such as temperature measurement, code inspection, verification, and wearing masks, so that every car must be checked and every person must be checked, firmly guarding the “red position” of epidemic prevention and control “.


Deeply explore the line of defense

“28137 steps”, this is the number of steps taken by An Lichun, a community grid member on Xin’an East Street, in a day. She sweeps the community with “iron feet” to ensure the implementation of various “epidemic-free communities” in place. In the past few days, after finishing the nucleic acid testing work in the morning, she rushed to the Dehe Shengjiayuan Community, went deep into the Louyuan Community to carry out epidemic prevention “building sweeping” work, carried out personnel screening and distributed epidemic prevention brochures in accordance with the According to the requirements of “anti-importation, anti-rebound, and anti-proliferation”, we will check the returnees from various medium and high-risk areas to ensure that no household or person is missed.

Due to tight time and heavy tasks, An Lichun “sweeps the building” and climbs up to five or six floors. Continue to “sweep the building”. An Lichun said that using the method of “sweeping the building” to search for each household may seem like a “stupid method”, but it is the most effective and safest investigation mode. Although the work is relatively cumbersome, she did not relax at all. She said: “In order to ensure the safety of residents, she must do this matter better and more carefully.”

Since the establishment of the “epidemic-free community (village)” was launched, Yangqu County has made full use of the advantages of the party building grid to build a community four-level prevention and control grid, forming “12 community party branches ——33 community (grid) party branches——388 buildings (micro grid) party groups——1116 party member central households” organizational system, perfecting and perfecting the work of “conversion to emergency” in Baolian community, a county-level unit Mechanism, more than 300 party members and cadres from 49 government agencies and institutions in the county quickly sank into the Baolian community, launched a “door-knocking operation”, and registered the information of permanent residents and returnees door-to-door to ensure that the bottom line is clear, the situation is clear, and the data is accurate. Install door magnetic cards and post isolation cards for home isolation households, arrange for medical personnel to come to take samples in a timely manner, strictly prohibit personnel from entering and leaving, effectively block the risk of epidemic spread, and effectively build a solid line of defense for epidemic prevention and control.

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Precise help warms people’s hearts

It is already late at night, the empty Sixi checkpoint is unusually quiet, and the house next to the checkpoint is still lit. Registration information and psychological counseling of homeless person Liu who was stranded due to the epidemic. Only after confirming the information did he know that Liu Jun, a homeless person from Xinzhou who returned home from Taiyuan, was stranded here due to the epidemic. He could not find a place to stay and lived on the street.

On Tuesday, Ping contacted the government of Nitun Town in time and brought him food, clothes, etc. Considering his future life problems, Tuesday Ping contacted many parties and introduced him to work in a company that provides food and lodging. “As a foreigner, I feel the warmth of home in Sixi.” Liu Jun’s gratitude is beyond words.< /p>

Homeless people have high mobility and weak self-protection ability. Relief management is very important.

Since the establishment of the “epidemic-free community (village)” was launched, Yangqu County has established and improved the poverty-stricken groups The support system adheres to the principle of “overall considerations and serving the people”, and always cares about the health and living conditions of special groups such as the elderly, the disabled, and vagrants and beggars, and fully mobilizes the power of grid staff and volunteers to rationally divide labor and provide material benefits. Guarantee, daily inspection, psychological counseling and other aspects to bring them warmth and help, so that they can truly experience the care of the “big family”.

Source: Yangqu Group