Yangqu County, Taiyuan City: Xilingjing Township took multiple measures to create an “epidemic-free village”

After Taiyuan City issued the 15-point agreement on the establishment of “epidemic-free communities”, the party committee of Xilingjing Township, Yangqu County insisted on creating “epidemic-free villages” as a means of grasping party building and promoting grassroots governance A key task of the Special Action for Capacity Improvement, with the establishment of “epidemic-free villages” as the starting point, sort out the responsibility system, integrate epidemic prevention forces, implement epidemic prevention measures, and comprehensively build a solid line of defense for joint prevention, joint control, and group prevention and control.

The Party Committee of Xilingjing Township established a leading group for the creation of “epidemic-free villages” and urged 10 administrative villages to set up an implementation team for epidemic prevention and control. Give full play to the sinking role of party members and cadres, the role of the party organization as a battle fortress, the leading role of grid members and party member central households, and improve the organizational structure of “township party committee-village party branch-small grid-micro grid” to achieve The responsibility chain of “layer-by-layer transmission, everyone is responsible”. Introduce the supervision force of the Township Disciplinary Committee, set up a special inspection team, and inspect the checkpoints in each village from time to time, the sinking of cadres, the implementation of the “five guarantees and one” responsibility, and the management and control of key personnel to ensure that the prevention and control of the epidemic is in place.

The party and government team of Xilingjing Township took the lead, and all rural cadres went down to the villages included to assist the “two committees” of the village to carry out temperature measurement Code scanning, checkpoint guarding, normalized nucleic acid collection, etc. Cadres were transferred to support the isolation point in the old campus of New Hope. After entering the isolation point, they all implement closed management, live on the front line, fight on the front line, serve on the front line, and solve problems on the front line.

Xilingjing Township uses “online + offline” to fully grasp the villagers’ dynamics, understand and record the members of each family, recent developments, vaccines Inoculation and other situations, improve the ledger data, and make sure that the number is clear and clear. For people with limited mobility or in need of daily necessities, provide door-to-door services and agency registration services, door-to-door nucleic acid sampling, and help purchase materials.

Source: Yangqu Weixin