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Author: Wang Qian

It is well known

1. The skin is prone to allergies and the lungs have a certain relationship

The skin is the most important part of the body The surface has the functions of resisting external evils, regulating body fluid metabolism and body temperature, and assisting breathing. The hairs attached to the skin are collectively called fur. The lungs and fur have the relationship between the lungs and the fur.

2. People with spleen and stomach deficiency are prone to body allergies.

The spleen is an important link that affects immune tolerance.

Spleen and stomach are often discussed together, mainly corresponding to the gastrointestinal tract.

We have to eat a lot of food every day, whether it is meat dishes or raw materials, they are all living substances and rich in protein. There are more meat dishes and richer types, less vegetarian dishes, and some cellulose. As long as you eat, you have to come into contact with protein, which is inaccessible to other tissues in the human body except the digestive tract. Because these proteins are digested and degraded into amino acids in the intestine, they are broken down into small amino acids. Amino acids will not be sensitizing, will not become antigens, and cause the body to react. However, people with poor digestive function will cause the protein in some foods to not be completely digested, and enter the blood in the intestinal tract in the form of protein or protein fragments. After being absorbed, it may cause body allergies. Therefore, a very important reason for our common allergic diseases is poor gastrointestinal tract and spleen deficiency. In traditional Chinese medicine, spleen deficiency and dampness are abundant. The same is true for the frequent outbreaks of eczema and urticaria.

3. Talk about the treatment method

Suppress wood, support soil, regulate liver and spleen

Cultivate soil to control water and regulate spleen and kidney

Cultivate soil to generate gold and regulate spleen and lung

4. Practical experience

Let me talk about the basic situation of the patient I received

The female patient is 69 years old, slightly fat, with a large left hip Symptoms of urticaria and chronic urticaria. Urticaria distribution areas, inner thighs, under breasts, neck, armpits, and near the popliteal fossa, with obvious itching at night. Occasional stomach acid reflux discomfort, a little careless diet will cause stomach pain. Poor sleep.

The overall feeling of the pulse is bradycardia, and the size is slightly weaker. The tongue body is red, the tip of the tongue is red, and the fur is white and slightly greasy. There is a depression in front of the tongue. A blood test on admission showed high triglycerides and normal cholesterol.

Admission diagnosis


Patient’s experience of supplementing urticaria

1 year ago due to dizziness, the blood pressure was 150-170/100-110mmhg,

The clinic gave levoamlodipine besylate tablets, lower extremity edema occurred, the drug was stopped, and then changed to Ambovi and Irbesartan tablets. After taking the medicine for a period of time, urticaria appeared For measles, because the blood pressure has been controlled well, the drug has not been stopped. Intermittent oral desloratadine for anti-allergy and antipruritic treatment.

Supplementary imaging data

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Summary and analysis of the basic situation of the patient

Forty years old and half-yin, blood deficiency and wind attack< /p>

The distribution area of ​​urticaria can be seen in the area where there is more sweating, and it is wet

It is prone to allergies, acid reflux, liver and stomach Disharmony, or disharmony between liver and spleen.

Chi pulse is weak, immune function is low

The lung is located in the chest cavity and lies horizontally Above the diaphragm, Chinese medicine believes that the lungs govern qi, and the lung qi has the function of spreading, suppressing and descending. The spreading of lung qi refers to the transfer of defensive qi to the fur to exert the functions of the fur to warm the muscles, enrich the skin, open and close, and defend against external evils. Function, in addition, the promotion of lung qi can transport the essence of water and grain and body fluid to the fur to nourish and nourish the fur. If there is a deficiency of lung qi and lung qi, the function of the fur will decline, and the body will become weak and spontaneous sweating will occur. or catch a cold, it can also cause the fur to lose its nourishment and look haggard. The fur can disperse the lung qi to regulate breathing. The sweat pores of the skin are not only the portals for excreting sweat, but also the internal and external A place for gas exchange. Therefore, the lungs can be affected by evils caused by skin and skin, such as cold pathogens and defensive qi being suppressed, etc., which can cause cough and asthma, which means that the disease has damaged the lungs. Therefore, when treating external syndromes, relieve the exterior It is generally used together with Xuanfei medicine.

The edge of the tongue is red, the heart and liver are slightly hot, and all pains and sores belong to the heart

Prescription to reconcile liver and spleen, remove dampness and nourish blood, clear heart and regulate kidney

Prescription attached to the first clinic on October 15th

Second clinic prescription October 20

Basic prescription explanation

Basic formula

Xiaoyao Powder + Zuojin Wan + Erchen Decoction to harmonize the liver and spleen, remove dampness and nourish blood

Special effect medicine, stir-fried Tribulus terrestris 20g

Replace Bupleurum with Albizia Julibrissin, soothe the liver, help sleep and relieve itching

< p data-track="42">Agrimony (Deli grass, Astragalus (tonify qi and help the body), Epimedium (nourished the kidney to benefit the cold and dampness of the lower body) regulate immunity

Ebony plum, Fangfeng, Nepeta,…Allergy decoction ingredients, symptomatic dispelling wind and relieving itching

Danpi clears heart and activates blood. The skin enters the skin, dispelling dampness, promoting blood circulation and relieving itching.

The effect of the prescription

The patient is satisfied, no acid reflux stomach pain after the first visit, no,

The urticaria is basically cured and I sleep well.

At the second visit, the tongue coating was attached. The second visit found that the red edge of the tongue disappeared, and the tongue coating became white and greasy. Occasional left hip pain after activities

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