The working team of the Laofa Group in Sangzhi County stationed in Hongjun Village, Longtanping Town visited the descendants of the Red Army

Red Net Moment Zhangjiajie, November 26 (correspondent Xiang Jinci Li Guangyi) On the morning of November 25, the working team of the Laofa Group in Sangzhi County in Hongjun Village, Longtanping Town went deep into the Maoya Group of the Helping Village to visit Yang Guangping, a descendant of the Red Army.

“Is there any difficulty at home?” The condolence group had a cordial conversation with Yang Guangping, a descendant of the Red Army, asking about the life and production conditions at home, and told him to take good care of his body, and at the same time sent them condolence money, On behalf of the Laofa Group, the working team expressed concern and blessings for future generations. “My grandfather was only in his teens when he joined the Red Army…” Yang Guangping recalled the story of his grandfather’s participation in the Red Army. Although the age is far away, the deeds of the older generation of anti-Japanese heroes still make the work team members present feel excited. Everyone They all said that in the future work in the village, they should use a more pragmatic work style to solve practical problems for the villagers, and let the banner of the village work team fly high in the Red Army Village.

Yu Ling, the first secretary of the Red Army Village, said: “The Red Army Village is not only picturesque, but also has many touching and valuable Red Army stories waiting to be excavated and listened to. Our resident work team is It is necessary to go deep into the villages, to solve the urgent needs of the masses, to dig out these red stories, and to tell the red stories of the Red Army Village.”

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