Xinghualing District, Taiyuan City: Volunteering to pass on warmth, voluntary disinfecting and contributing to the strength of “newcomers of the era”

Consolidating the epidemic defense line of joint prevention, joint control, and group prevention and group control, and creating an “epidemic-free community” cannot do without the efforts of everyone. Some people charge to the front line, fighting the virus head-on, and guarding the health of the masses; some people stick to their posts and resist the virus attack in their “trenches”; In Xinghualing District of Taiyuan City, there are many such non-governmental volunteer rescue forces. They voluntarily assembled, fully armed, and went to various back streets, alleys, buildings and courtyards to carry out disinfection work.

On November 22, two nucleic acids were found in a community For those who tested positive, the party member volunteer service team of Taiyuan Candlelight Volunteer Service Center rushed to carry out all-round disinfecting after receiving the rescue call. And this is the 29th time they have carried out the disinfecting mission. The candlelight volunteers have traveled almost every district in Taiyuan.

According to our understanding, considering the difficulty of disinfecting and the task Importantly, they are equipped with their own disinfection equipment and encourage volunteers participating in the disinfection task to obtain professional qualification certificates before “taking up the post”. They are very professional in terms of personnel, equipment and team building, and have become an important team in Xinghualing District. Social Volunteer Service Force. “The epidemic is an order, and prevention and control is a responsibility. We will be there wherever we are needed.” said Meng Xiaoping, a good man in China, a newcomer in Xinghualing District, and director of the Candlelight Volunteer Service Center.

There is also a team in Xinghualing, they have been volunteers Pioneer of service. Volunteers from the Xinghuahong Volunteer Service Center have been wearing red vests since the outbreak of the epidemic, walking on the front line of epidemic prevention and control work, running around every corner of Xinghualing District, measuring body temperature, registering information, and guiding order for residents , epidemic prevention publicity, and comprehensive elimination.

Zhang Jianzhong, founder of Xinghuahong Volunteer Service Center Said: “As a volunteer, there are sacrifices and rewards. Being in it is especially profound. This kind of harvest is hard to buy and unique.” As a newcomer in Xinghualing District, he brought volunteers wearing “red jerseys” To serve the society, I myself became the incarnation of “Dabai” and carried out many disinfecting tasks.

The epidemic is merciless, but people are merciful. The volunteers of “Candlelight” and “Xinghuahong” selflessly “radiate” their light and heat, either charge forward, or stay behind to support, and defend the health of residents in Xinghualing District with responsibility and responsibility. The well-deserved “Newcomer of the Most Beautiful Era”.

Source: Xinghualing publicity micro-platform