8 high-value and comfortable autumn and winter nightgowns, which greatly enhance the happiness at home

When you get home from get off work, the most comfortable thing is to take off your shackles, put on a set of nice and comfortable nightgowns, watch dramas, Drink some wine, not to mention how comfortable it is!

Next, I would like to recommend 8 autumn and winter thermal nightgown brands, with excellent workmanship, high appearance and many styles, there is always one that suits you.


Derek Rose


Recommended series: Cashmere, Wool, Cotton

Established in 1926, the British pajamas brand is famous for its elegant design and comfortable fabrics. Churchill and Audrey Hepburn were loyal fans. The fabric material used in the nightgown is natural and environmentally friendly, which is quite friendly to the skin. Nightgowns suitable for autumn and winter can be subdivided into Cashmere, Wool and Cotton series, and the main fabrics used are cashmere, wool and cotton respectively.

Cashmere series fabrics are woven by the famous Italian wool merchant Loro Piana. The price is expensive, close to 16,000 yuan.

The Wool series has more men’s nightgowns. High-quality worsted wool is used as the raw material for clothing. It is warm and comfortable to wear, light and thin in texture, and the upper body is not bulky. The short style is inspired by the smoking jacket, which is very retro. It can be worn over a T-shirt or pajamas for a comfortable and casual look.

The Cotton series mainly uses Batiste and Brushed cotton. The former is highly breathable, light and soft, and is used to make summer nightgowns; the latter is thicker, combed and softened by special technology, and has a soft texture , suitable for winter use.




134.00< strong>

Recommended series: Disney joint name, children

A young household clothing brand established in 2014, which belongs to Boyang Home Textiles. Targeting young consumers aged 18-30, it is good at arousing enthusiasm through the marketing model of IP co-branding, and uses cute cartoon and animation elements as design inspiration. The nightgown is made of coral fleece fabric, which is soft and not easy to shed, and has high durability. The weight is controlled at about 320g, and the upper body is light and not bloated.

The Disney co-branded nightgown of Zhendianzhibao has a high degree of attention and is a hot-selling item in the store. Through printing, embroidery and other techniques, Disney classic cartoon images such as “Minnie, Snow White, Pooh, and Judy” are integrated into the design. The style is cute and cute, and the colors are bright and lively. The price ranges from 170 to 240 yuan.

The design of cape and one-piece nightgown is also a highlight. The cloak nightgown is easy to put on and take off in front, the hidden buttons on both sides can play a role in wind protection, and the detachable gloves can also directly protect the hands from frostbite. The one-piece nightgown has a zipper design on the back, so you don’t need to take off the whole piece of clothing when going to the toilet, which solves the trouble of going to the toilet.

The children’s series basically copies the design style of adult nightgowns, but its safety level meets the B-class standard and is suitable for children over 3 years old. It can be purchased together with adult nightgowns, and it can also be worn as a parent-child outfit at home every day, which is very warm.


Red Bean Home


Recommended Series: Warmth

Won the “E-commerce Oscar” Golden Wheat Quality Award and many other awards for three consecutive years, and has a good reputation in the industry. Most of the nightgowns are autumn and winter styles, the appearance design is simple and fashionable, and the colors are soft and durable. Only through cartoon pattern embroidery, printing or contrasting color edging, etc. to enhance the fashion and beauty, simple and cute. The price ranges from 200-300 yuan, which is good value for money.

The Warmth series is the main promotion, with the characteristics of high warmth retention and light burden. In terms of materials, the traditional coral fleece has been improved. The fluff is long and dense, the texture is thick and warm, and the root structure is tight, which can effectively reduce fleece shedding. The thickened and mid-length design takes care of the cold-prone parts such as knees and calves to prevent cold wind from pouring in from the hem. The gram weight is basically about 340g, passedThe blend of polyester and spandex can improve the elasticity of the clothes, and change the defects of the old-fashioned nightgowns that are thick and bloated.

Considering the refinement of demands for pajamas under the normalization of “house at home”, Hongdou Home has also made timely revisions and adjustments to the style of its pajamas. Some styles, such as nightgowns with small fragrance collars and long coats, are not incompatible even if you go downstairs for a walk, take a courier, or wear them for commuting.


An’s Companion


Recommended series: warmth, red products

Established in 1997, the main products are men’s and women’s homewear, underwear and socks. Consumer love and recognition. Its nightgowns are in soft tones, and most of them are solid-color basic models, only a few of them are checked patterns with mixed colors.

Anzhiban’s autumn and winter nightgowns also feature warming series. Made of polyester fiber, it feels soft and has a loose fit, meeting the wearing needs of people of various shapes. There are common plush robes and sandwich structures. The inner and outer layers are blended fabrics containing spandex, and the middle is filled with polyester fibers, which can better isolate the cold outside air and prevent air leakage and drilling.

In addition to coral fleece, there are also a small number of nightgowns that use cotton as raw materials. For example, the Hongpin series is made of cotton and a certain proportion of spandex blended, refreshing and breathable, soft to the touch, coupled with excellent elasticity, strong wrinkle resistance, and relatively easy daily care. The daily price ranges from 120-200 yuan.




Recommended series: LINE FRIENDS co-branded, Dunhuang co-branded, instant warm fleece

Deeply engaged in the home apparel industry for 25 years, its home clothes have been ranked first in the category for many years. The nightgown is made of coral fleece made of polyester. The fluff is fine and soft, and it can circulate and lock the temperature. The weight is basically below 360g, and the thicker version does not look bloated. There are some problems such as floating hair and hair loss, so you need to consider carefully when choosing.

The joint series with LINE FRIENDS is very popular among young people, and the total sales volume ranks first in the store. The cartoon images such as Nicole Rabbit and Brown Bear are presented in the form of embroidery and printing, and the multi-color matching is more layered, and the style is childlike and cute. The price is between 160-300 yuan, which is quite conscientious among the cooperation models. There are also children’s models, which can be purchased together as a parent-child outfit.

In addition, Fenton also closely follows the national trend, launching the Dunhuang co-branded series as a new launch in 2022. The nightgown is made of imitation silk, which is soft and comfortable to the touch, not easy to deform, and has high durability. Combined with Dunhuang mural elements, the style is trendy and retro, suitable for cool weather in autumn and winter.

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American Standard


Recommended series: coral fleece, pure cotton

It has been established for more than 40 years and has participated in the formulation of national industry standards since 2005. Nightgowns are made of high-quality and diverse materials. For autumn and winter, there are coral fleece series and pure cotton series, and the price is between 150-500 yuan.

Coral velvet series has delicate fluff, soft touch, and good warmth retention effect. Its style is simple and cute, and the patterns of cute and interesting elements are presented through embroidery and printing. For women’s nightgowns, some styles will also be inlaid with lace to enhance the sweetness.

Compared with the coral fleece series, the pure cotton series is more mature and stable in design. The heavy-textured cotton nightgown is dominated by plaid patterns, and the combination of two or more dark and light colors highlights fashion and simplicity. The thinner style is suitable for use in summer, the use of printing elements is more prominent, and it is displayed in the form of a suit, and the style is gentle and sweet.


Three shots


Recommended series: Luo Xiaohei joint name, Yingtong

Formerly known as Shanghai No. 9 Knitting Factory, it is a national clothing brand that started with cotton sweaters and trousers. There are many styles of pajamas, but the proportion of pajamas is not high, and they are basically autumn and winter styles. The main material is cut flower flannel, which is soft and thick, not easy to shed. The mid-length style reaches below the knees, drapes snugly, and has excellent warmth retention effect. The color is relatively simple, the women’s models are mainly soft and girly pink, while the men’s models are mainly composed of calm blue tones.

Three Guns actively pays attention to and caters to the preferences of young people, such as the Luo Xiaohei joint series is one of them. The main color is black, and the exterior fabric has a strong sense of luster. There are sweater skirts and jumpsuits for option, both of which are designed with hoods and can be freely adjusted for tightness. What’s more interesting is the large pocket design on the chest, which comes with the attribute of “accompanying pets”, which is very suitable for families with pets.

In addition, the nightgowns of the baby and children series also have co-branded cooperation. For Disney, which is more popular nowadays, mainstream visible cartoon characters such as Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse “Minnie” can be found in the design . Infant models are priced at 80-130 yuan, while adult models are priced at 140-200 yuan.


Jing Yun

197.00< strong>

Recommended series: super soft, Disney co-branded

Founded in 2012, it is a young domestic pajamas brand. With “super soft” as the core of pajamas fabrics, a complete softly system is formed based on this positioning. Among them, softlywarm fabrics are specially developed for autumn and winter, which can better reduce heat loss. Its heat preservation rate is higher than the national standard of 55%, which is The industry standard is 1.4 times, and the warmth retention ability is good.

In terms of style design, the design of contrasting color binding and plaid jacquard makes the nightgown elegant and fashionable, and at the same time, there is no lack of skillful use of cartoon and animation images. For example, the popular Disney cooperation series in the store presents cartoon images on the hat and pockets through embroidery technology to enrich the appearance of the nightgown, and the finished product is cute and cute.

In addition to the basic skirt nightgown, the one-piece and cape-style nightgowns are novel in design, and the zipper design on the back of the one-piece nightgown solves the trouble of putting on and taking off the whole piece when going to the toilet , time-saving and thoughtful. The price of nightgowns ranges from 200-300 yuan, which is good value for money.