Staying up late to watch the ball and paying attention to the World Cup syndrome, how to watch the game healthy with iron ball mills?

The 2022 World Cup has started for a few days, and now fans can enjoy themselves again. Because the World Cup is a memory of youth for many people, but due to the time difference, most of the broadcast time in China is concentrated in the evening or even early in the morning, so they have to stay up late to watch the game.

In the nearly one-month schedule, many people can’t help staying up all night. Some regions have reported patients who have been hospitalized because of staying up late to watch football. Some hospitals have even opened World Cup syndrome outpatient clinics.

What kind of discomfort will be caused by staying up late to watch a football game?

It hurts the digestive tract first, because many people not only drink beer, but also prepare a lot of marinated oil when watching the game Fried food and even prepared a lot of snacks. It puts an additional burden on the digestive tract, which may cause indigestion, bloating and stomach pain.

When the human body digests food, it will also secrete pancreatic juice. If you eat too much greasy food late at night, it will stimulate the secretion of a large amount of pancreas, and may cause acute pancreas Inflammation situation.

Injury to blood vessels After all, watching football games will be exciting, every time His goals touched the hearts of the fans. Such excessive excitement, sympathetic nerve activation, and excessive secretion of catecholamines can affect the metabolism of cardiomyocytes, or cause coronary artery spasm, which is particularly likely to cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accidents.

Injury to the eyes, staying up late to watch the game is also very harmful to the eyes, such as causing eye congestion, dryness and stinging, eye soreness and fatigue, See things blurry etc. Especially for people who are already myopic or have glaucoma, excessive eye use can lead to increased intraocular pressure and trigger acute glaucoma attacks.

Shoulder and neck injury, many people who stay up late watching football like to rely on Lying on the sofa or half lying on the sofa, staring at the screen motionlessly, and maintaining a posture all the time, it is easy to cause stiffness of the neck muscles, which in turn causes shoulder and neck discomfort.

Injury to endocrine, staying up late for a long time will inevitably have a great impact on the internal environment of the body, and the toxins and metabolites in the body will also There will be more and more, and when these metabolites increase to a certain extent, it will affect endocrine, which will lead to endocrine disorders, and will also affect people’s nerves to a certain extent, and there may be changes in temperament.

How can iron ball mills watch games healthily?

Sleep before watching the game

If the game is in the middle of the night , It is recommended to take a break to replenish physical strength, and wash your face after getting up. First of all, you must ensure sufficient physical strength. And pay attention to staying up late, try to drink less beer, drink more warm water, and maintain indoor air circulation.

Control your temper and not get angry

While watching the game, there must be some moments that let you If you feel very angry or want to get angry, you can stabilize your emotions at this time, and then slowly take a deep breath. You can do this several times to keep yourself calm and avoid physical discomfort caused by too much emotional ups and downs.

Intermission event Activities

While watching a football game, pay attention to get up and move around every once in a while, and move your muscles and bones during halftime to relieve back pain, headache, neck pain, etc. Stiff situation.

Calm down after the game

After watching the game, you can first Wash your face and create a quiet environment for yourself to rest. If you are emotional at this time, you can try deep breathing or abdominal breathing, massage your face, soothe your irritable emotions, and help you sleep peacefully.

Pay attention to diet

After staying up all night, you will inevitably lose your mind the next day. For breakfast, you can arrange some brain-invigorating food therapy, and for lunch, you can arrange a richer meal, such as protein and vitamins, and eat less spicy food. food.