Xinghualing District, Taiyuan City: The seven-step work method of the Gulou Street Party Working Committee builds a strong line of defense against the “epidemic” in Gulou

Since the outbreak of this round of epidemic, Gulou Street, Xinghualing District, Taiyuan City has thoroughly implemented the spirit of the provincial, municipal, and district epidemic prevention and control leading group meetings, and adhered to the “early Focusing on the seven-step requirements of “fast, accurate, detailed, strict, sufficient, and solid”, focusing on the goal of “early detection of epidemics, no community transmission, and zero infection of residents” in epidemic-free communities, firmly adhere to the “one-day-one research and judgment” system, and use the Internet to The grid is the unit and the community is the unit, pay close attention to the key links, pay close attention to the implementation of the work, and comprehensively build a solid fortress for epidemic prevention and control.

Arrange deployment “early” to form an effective mechanism. In order to effectively combat the epidemic, since November 13, Gulou Sub-district has moved upon hearing the order and held successive epidemic prevention and control meetings to study and judge the current epidemic prevention and control situation in the jurisdiction. At the daily regular meeting, the members of the street party working committee, the secretaries of the party organizations of each community, and the cadres responsible for epidemic prevention and control conducted a key analysis of the current situation, studied and judged the situation of each community one by one, and made in-depth and meticulous arrangements for the deployment of community control, personnel transfer, nucleic acid Sampling, medical waste removal, etc. After the meeting, the implementation teams of the epidemic prevention and control work in each community and the coordination office of the epidemic prevention and control work in each community made arrangements and implemented item by item, and released the latest epidemic prevention and control requirements to all residents through grid groups, broadcasting, etc., forming a three-level linkage good mechanism.

The response speed is “fast” to curb the development of the epidemic. Gulou Street has fully implemented the 20 optimization measures and the work requirements of the province, city, and district on creating “epidemic-free communities”, and formulated various related work plans and system specifications to ensure timely, Carry out epidemic prevention and control work in an orderly manner. Once the emergency notification is received, the emergency response mechanism for epidemic prevention and control will be activated immediately, and it will immediately enter the battle state, requiring all working teams to be in place within 15 minutes, so as to quickly and efficiently carry out isolation control, sampling and disinfecting, and flow adjustment to catch up with the sun, etc. Work to ensure that the chain of epidemic transmission is cut off at the first time to prevent community transmission. At the same time, actively do a good job in docking with members of the community epidemic working groups, quickly and effectively carry out the transfer of relevant personnel, and return the personnel who have completed centralized isolation.

nucleic acid The detection is “accurate” to ensure that all inspections should be carried out. Each community accurately finds out the number of residents in each community, and based on the actual situation, reasonably sets the location of each nucleic acid sampling point, and samples are divided into units and time periods. Grid members, sinking cadres, and volunteers guide residents to go downstairs to participate in nucleic acid testing in a timely manner through loudspeakers, WeChat groups, knocking on doors, and hanging banners. Elderly people who are easy to move, etc. carry out door-to-door nucleic acid services, and effectively achieve “all checks should be checked”. Nucleic acid testing personnel sealed the tubes and boxes in a timely manner, and maintained smooth communication with the specimen transfer personnel to ensure that the samples were sent for inspection as soon as possible.

Personnel arrangements are “detailed” and the basic work is done. Resident population ledger, usual team ledger, emergency team ledger…According to the Taiyuan City Epidemic Free Community Creation Guidelines, all communities in Gulou Street worked together to organize dedicated personnel Carry out personnel surveying work in a standardized manner, carefully fill in the “eight ledgers”, comprehensively find out the information of various personnel in the community, and dynamically grasp and understand the various needs of residents in the area during the temporary silent management period, especially for the extremely poor and pregnant women , Infants, young children, empty-nest elderly, the disabled, and patients with chronic diseases establish a special care group account, which fully reflects the party’s care and organizational warmth.

Silence The control is “strict” and the chain of transmission is cut off. During the period of temporary silent control, community workers, volunteers and sinking cadres stepped forward and took the initiative to take turns on duty at the entrances and exits of each community and strictly control them. Each community successively mobilized 109 party members and cadres, 91 enthusiastic resident volunteers, and 216 grid assistants to be on duty, and formed 16 party member patrol teams. Communities with insufficient management and control requirements should report and require immediate rectification to ensure that residents really stop, calm down, and stay at home.

Information summary “real” to assist scientific research and judgment. Communities adhere to the principle of seeking truth from facts, sort out the work of the day every day, verify the number of new cases, the number of sinking party members and cadres, and other information one by one, retain relevant materials, and form a report. Accurately summarize the information of each community, form a daily work summary and report it. For uncertain data, verify and correct it with the community in a timely manner to ensure the accuracy of the information, and then through the analysis and judgment of various data at the daily regular meeting, quickly and effectively adjust the epidemic prevention strategy, and face the current round of epidemic in the most scientific way.

Material guarantee is “sufficient” and a solid backing has been built.While strictly controlling, do our best to protect the residents Daily life, actively connect with the supply guarantee unit, strengthen the guarantee of living materials, deliver food to the home isolation personnel by grid staff and volunteers, and open green channels for special medical treatment groups… What the temporary silent control cuts off is the chain of epidemic transmission, It is definitely not the warmth and love between people.

Source: Xinghualing Group