Xinghualing District, Taiyuan City: Yangjiayu Sub-district strictly implements the “three mechanisms” and works together to create an “epidemic-free community”

The village (community) is the front line of epidemic prevention and control. Yangjiayu Street, Xinghualing District, Taiyuan City resolutely implements the arrangements and deployments of the district committee, adheres to party building to lead the creation of “epidemic-free communities (villages)”, and adopts three mechanisms: normal management in “normal” times, rapid response in “wartime” times, precise service guarantees, and three mechanisms , build a solid defense line for joint defense, joint control, group defense and group governance, and continuously improve grassroots governance capabilities.

Four-level linkage “normal” management

In the special action of grasping party building and promoting the improvement of grassroots governance capabilities, Yangjiayu Street has built a “street-village (community)-grid – Community (community-grid)” four-level linkage, consistent power axis, implement the “five guarantees and one” responsibility system for epidemic prevention and control and the “four-party responsibility” of territories, departments, units and individuals, and implement control measures by category. Strengthen the implementation of work responsibilities to ensure that the entire chain of risk personnel is seamlessly managed and controlled.

At the same time, continue to strengthen policy publicity and guidance, shout out through small speakers, send out leaflets, and circulate in WeChat groups, and “enter the circle” online “, offline “entry portal”, widely publicize the latest epidemic prevention and control policies, and do a good job in daily nucleic acid testing.

Quick response when going up and down through “war”

Give full play to the role of the grid service micro-station party organization, and quickly realize the transformation from peacetime to wartime after the outbreak. The “war” headquarters was activated at the first time. At the same time, the village (community) party organization was the main body of the operation, the grid party branch was the combat unit, and the building (unit) party group was the combat unit, connecting the combat system. As the core strength, the four teams of “party members + in-service party members + grid members + volunteers” in the jurisdiction have effectively played the role of the party branch’s fighting fortress and party members’ vanguard and exemplary role, resolutely cut off the input and transmission channels of the epidemic, and wiped out the outbreak of the epidemic one by one.

Organize a group to ensure precise service

“A branch is a fortress, and a party member is a banner.” Party organizations in each village (community) actively mobilize in-service party members in their jurisdictions to report to the community, transfer to the grid to report on the spot, and do a good job at checkpoints. Wait for the work to keep the defense line of defense for the safety of the residents. Party members, cadres and volunteers have turned themselves into members of the “people’s livelihood service” team. Through WeChat solitaire, door-knocking actions, and joint insurance packages, etc., they provide services such as material supply guarantee, psychological counseling, and medical assistance to solve the urgent and anxious problems of the masses.

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In the next step, the Party Working Committee of Yangjiayu Street will continue to strictly implement various epidemic prevention and control measures, with stronger responsibility, greater efforts, and more concrete measures, Build a solid barrier to the prevention and control of the epidemic in the strong jurisdiction.

Source: Xinghualing publicity micro-platform