How to create attractive curves? Do these points, and after losing weight, you will have vest lines and buttocks

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In today’s society, most girls are pursuing a good figure, such as: Clear vest line, sexy waist , plump and firm buttocks, firm long legs, etc.

However, such a figure is not something you can have if you want it. The appearance of round buttocks is a manifestation of low body fat percentage and high muscle mass.

If you are thin and weigh less than 100, this kind of figure is relatively shriveled, and you don’t have enough muscles to support your figure, so you can’t create an excellent figure curvilinear.

If you are obese, you want to lose weight and have a firm body at the same time ratio, then you must do these points:

1. Don’t go on a diet too much, Although the low-calorie intake mode can make you You lose weight quickly, but if you starve yourself on a long-term diet, fat decomposition will also cause muscle loss.

We must control the daily calorie intake to be greater than the body’s basal metabolic value, generally not less than 1200 calories, so as to ensure the basic operation of the body and make you healthy and thin down.

At the same time, we should avoid a single diet and learn to diversify Scientifically supplement the carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and other substances needed by the body.

In addition to eating more high-fiber vegetables and reasonably supplementing carbohydrate staple foods, you also need to supplement high-quality protein, such as: chicken breast, fish, eggs, and dairy products to give The body is replenished with amino acids, which can reduce muscle loss.

2. Don’t just do Aerobic exercise, excessive aerobic exercise for a long time can help you reduce your body fat rate, but it will also deplete your body muscles. In order to lose fat without losing muscle, we need to add strength training and shorten the duration of aerobic exercise.

It is suggested that every time you exercise, arrange half an hour of strength training first, and then arrange half an hour of aerobic exercise, which can improve the efficiency of fat burning and shaping.

Girls don’t need to be afraid of strength training, because as they grow older, their muscles will show a tendency to lose, their basal metabolic value will drop, and their bodies will easily gain weight. Therefore, doing more strength training can help you build a body that is easy to lose weight, reduce the trouble of gaining weight, and make your body firmer.

If you want to lose weight and have a clear vest line figure, you can add abdominal muscle training, such as Abdominal crunches, supine leg lifts, Russian twists, etc.

If you want to have a full buttocks, you can strengthen your buttocks strength training, such as: squats, lunges, hip bridges and other compound movements to strengthen Gluteal muscles, enhance the hip circumference, improve the problem of sagging and flat buttocks.

Finally, Share a set of strength exercises suitable for girls to train at home. You can exercise once every 2-3 days, so that you can sculpt a good figure at home.

Action 1 : Squat with weight for 12-15 times, 4 groups

Action 2: V Insist on 12-15 times from both ends of the word, and perform 4 groups

Action 3: Bulgarian single-leg squat 10 times, 4 groups

Action 4: Wide distance squat jump persist for 10 times, perform 4 groups

Action 5: Reverse rowing 12 times, 4 sets

Action 6: Bend over one-armed dumbbell rowing and repeat 12 times for 4 sets