Xinghualing District, Taiyuan City: The Party Construction Red of Gongxinjie Street leads the emergency conversion, and the volunteer red builds an epidemic prevention barrier

Beishahe Community, Gongxinjie Street, Xinghualing District, Taiyuan City has jurisdiction over 4,604 households with 8,516 people. And relocated households, the distribution of personnel is wide, and the pressure of epidemic prevention and control is great. Since the establishment of the “epidemic-free community”, the community has heard the order and quickly formed a community epidemic response implementation team to respond quickly and accurately deploy control, and strive to achieve joint prevention and control, group prevention and group control, and firmly hold the Beishahe position for epidemic prevention and control.

Organization integration and re-organization. Implement a dual team leader system, and set up a community epidemic prevention and control work implementation team with members of the sub-district community team and the head of the district direct contract agency as the team leader, and the community party committee secretary as the executive deputy team leader. All the working forces of the Shen community have been upgraded to deal with the overall work of community epidemic prevention and control. There are 7 tasks under the community epidemic prevention and control headquarters and publicity and education, nucleic acid testing, personnel control, supervision and inspection, material storage, disinfecting work, and special population protection Special classes, clear 18 work responsibilities of special classes in normal times and emergencies, assign people, positions and responsibilities, and comprehensively build a community epidemic prevention and control work structure with “one group, one office and seven special classes” connected from top to bottom, with clear responsibilities and smooth connections.

Strength gathers and strengthens muscles and bones. After receiving the order of silent management, the large party committee of the community “blew the whistle”, 153 people including cadres of district and sub-district organizations, in-service party members, resident party members, staff of resident units, resident volunteers, property management, and social organizations “Report” for the first time. The cadres of Baolian agencies and institutions form a commando team of government cadres to participate in urgent tasks such as nucleic acid testing, isolation control, and community guarding; organized by community party organizations, resident party members, serving party members, mobile party members, and enterprise retired party members form the vanguard of resident party members. Mobilize the community to participate in nucleic acid testing and guide the masses to do a good job in their own epidemic prevention; members of the property management committee, resident volunteers, property personnel, resident unit personnel, new employment groups, and social organizations form a logistics support volunteer team to coordinate the resources of commercial supermarkets in the jurisdiction and do a good job The three teams are responsible for ensuring the supply of residents in the community, forming a joint force and united protest.

Responsibilities are clear and organized. In order to improve the efficiency of epidemic prevention and control in an all-round way and achieve precise management and real-time control, according to the unified arrangement of the leading group for the creation of epidemic-free communities in Xinjie Street, workers, the leaders of Baojie District at the district level and the secretary of the Party Working Committee of the street commanded on-site Next, the community epidemic prevention and control work implementation team combined the actual situation of the jurisdiction and drew the “Beisha River Community Epidemic Disposal Operation Procedure Chart”, “Key Personnel Return and Control Flowchart” and “”Three-step Closed-loop Management” Workflow Flowchart” Work charts and wall charts are used to sort out key elements such as organizational structure, strength composition, and work processes. Through a method that can be understood at a glance and learned at a glance, the epidemic prevention and control work in the community has rules to follow.

At the same time, the community party committee coordinated and coordinated the party organizations of each community to assist the team of professional and auxiliary grid members to carry out the “door knocking action” in a rolling manner , and quickly build and classify 8 books on the permanent population information of the community (grid), grassroots governance forces, emergency volunteer forces, special care personnel, potential risk personnel, epidemic prevention materials, nucleic acid testing distribution, supplier guarantee supermarkets, and key places. Accounts, and update the account data in real time, to achieve accurate control and dynamic management of all community members, continue to consolidate basic data statistics, and orderly promote the high-quality completion of various tasks of epidemic prevention and control.

Optimize the system and strengthen the guarantee. In order to further improve the reserve of epidemic prevention and control forces, the community party committee will keep a close eye on key people, key things, and key points, and improve 7 systems for epidemic prevention and control according to urgent tasks, so as to guarantee and serve them with systems.

In the management of key personnel, we insist on fine management. The application management system for outsiders, establishes a work ledger with the community (grid) as the unit, clarifies the work process, normalizes the arrangement, and dynamically manages to form a closed-loop work; in terms of working force allocation, adhere to the leadership of party building, and formulate a normal package for party members and cadres , double registration of serving party members, and volunteer service management system, the community epidemic prevention and control work implementation team will make overall arrangements and coordinate social forces at all levels to participate in community epidemic prevention and control work, effectively solving the problem of insufficient community epidemic prevention and control forces; In terms of prevention and control capabilities, adhere to precise training, implement the emergency training and drill system, and use the resumption time after the daily regional nucleic acid testing is over to conduct training on party members, cadres, volunteer teams, and sinking front-line contractors involved in the establishment of epidemic-free communities. Training on emergency outbreak capabilities, standardizing the epidemic prevention and control process, and strengthening community cooperation in the prevention and control of the new crown epidemic has promoted standardized and efficient implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures.

Source: Xinghualing publicity micro-platform