0 degrees is coming! The cold wave will hit Shanghai next week, and the autumn and winter universal dressing formula will be collected soon!

The temperature in Shanghai will drop below zero next week?

Many weather apps have forecasted next week< span>Ultra Low Temperature.

China has a vast territory

< p data-track="9">The date when it starts to snow in various places varies greatly

The solar terms that are more consistent with “Xiaoxue”

are in the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River

For Shanghai, which is located in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River

The first snow in winter usually comes in January

Currently this wave of strong cold air is accumulating


The end of the month will bring the first wave of this year

The real chill

The temperature in Shencheng will be 30 Daily diving

dropped to single digits throughout the day

< p data-track="21">On December 1, the lowest in the urban area directly dropped to1℃Nearby

Let us experience the “taste of winter”

Netizens were also surprised:
Is this temperature serious? ?

The transition period between seasons is the easiestEasy to catch a cold

Thick clothes that need to be played have also been prepared early

Don’t panic when the temperature cools down!

Autumn and winter universal dressing formulaFavorite~


Winter clothes can be prepared slowly!