Xinghualing District, Taiyuan City: disinfecting without dead ends “Blue Sky” to help

In order to further implement the epidemic prevention and control policy in Xinghualing District, effectively block the virus transmission path, and resolutely build a safe defense line for epidemic prevention and control, on November 21, Taiyuan 11 members of the Blue Sky Rescue Team in Xinghualing District of the city turned into “disinfecting fighters” and gathered in Xiangtang Street to conduct inspections on the Miner Community, Crouching Tiger Mountain Community, Beigedong Community, R&F Chengbei Community, Xiangtang Community, Dunhua Community, etc. Multiple key areas in the 6 communities of Fang Community were fully eliminated, which consolidated the prevention and control of the epidemic in Xiangtang Street.

Before the disinfecting started, the blue sky The members of the rescue team put on protective clothing, N95 masks, medical masks, and medical gloves…preparing medicines, adding water to the mist machine, and debugging the machine…This series of processes seems complicated, but the team members can follow the training process in an orderly and fast manner. Finish. After being fully armed, the team members wielded the mist machine, and followed the principle of “global disinfecting, leaving no dead spots, leaving no hidden dangers, and leaving no blind spots”, and carefully carried out the nucleic acid sampling points, community roads, garbage removal points and other venues. All-round disinfecting to ensure full coverage of epidemic prevention and disinfecting, no dead ends, no blind spots.

The disinfecting site was filled with smoke and the smell was pungent, but the members of the Blue Sky Rescue Team did not slack off in the slightest. It is stated that it will implement the responsibility for epidemic prevention and control with the most practical measures, minimize the risk of virus transmission through public areas, and resolutely protect the safety and health of the people. After the disinfecting was over, the team members unloaded the heavy fog machine and took off the airtight protective clothing. The close-fitting clothes were already soaked, leaving a Doler mark on their faces. They put the equipment they took off into the medical waste recycling bag, and then sterilized the mist machine and the whole body of the individual, and finally put the medical waste recycling bag into the designated recycling point, and the disinfecting task was completely completed.

Through this message The disinfection work has effectively suppressed the possibility of the spread of viruses and bacteria in the street area, further strengthened the disinfection barrier, built an epidemic prevention wall, and built a “safety net” for epidemic prevention and control. In the next step, Xiangtang Street will continue to follow the deployment requirements of the epidemic prevention and control work, do a good job in normalized epidemic prevention and disinfecting, create a clean and safe street environment, and resolutely protect the safety and health of the people.

Source: Xinghualing publicity micro-platform