To provide professional services for global merchants, the “Huangpu District Foreign Investment Service Base” was unveiled

Huangpu’s foreign investment environment has been optimized again. On November 22, Huangpu District Commerce Committee and Shanghai Zhongheng Group jointly held the unveiling ceremony of “Huangpu District Foreign Investment Service Base” . Wang Nai, Deputy District Mayor of Huangpu District, and Marcelo Magnou, Consul General of Uruguay in Shanghai, attended the ceremony. Wang Nai inaugurated the “Huangpu District Foreign Investment Service Base”.

The reporter learned that the “Huangpu District Foreign Investment Service Base” is guided by the District Commerce Committee, prepared by Shanghai Zhongheng Group, and operated by Shanghai Zhongheng Enterprise Development Co., Ltd. daily. The base is located on the 11th and 12th floors of the North Industrial Building in the core area of ​​the South Bund. It gathers six functions: investment promotion, business service, incubation and development, image display, brand building, and complaint mediation. At the same time, the base works together with the Huangpu International Chamber of Commerce and the Huangpu District Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment. In addition, a “Foreign Investment Incubation Base” was established simultaneously on the 11th floor of the building, and a “Zhongheng Digital Modeling Intelligent Manufacturing Space” was constructed to create a digital ecological investment service environment.

GARCES FRUIT is Chile’s largest planting and exporting company of cherries. In China, every 10 At least one of the Chilean cherries comes from GARCES FRUIT. In order to better serve the domestic market, Fua Moss (Shanghai) Fruit Co., Ltd. chose Huangpu for further development. As the first batch of service targets after the establishment of the foreign-funded service base, CEO HERNAN GARCES GAZMURI said that more than 80% of the company’s fresh fruit products are sold to the Chinese market. In the future, the company will operate in the high-quality business environment of Huangpu District Continue to expand business and provide more high-quality Chilean fruits for the Chinese market.

As the daily operator of the foreign service base, Ye Sheng, chairman of Shanghai Zhongheng Group, said that the base is for The district-level professional service platform for global businessmen provides policy consultation, settlement procedures, market information, business activities and other services for foreign-funded enterprises settled in Huangpu District. Caring, reassuring, and reassuring, and strive to contribute to regional economic and industrial development.

Li Qiong, secretary-general of the Huangpu District Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment, told reporters that it will rely on the function of the foreign investment service base in Huangpu District Positioning, combining the functions of the association, giving full play to their respective advantages, better serving enterprises, being a good assistant to the government, doing a good job in promoting the development of enterprises, attracting more high-quality foreign-funded enterprises to settle in Huangpu, making every effort to ensure the steady growth of foreign-related economics, and jointly creating A new situation in Huangpu’s foreign investment work.

The District Commerce Commission stated that since the beginning of this year, the use of foreign capital in Huangpu District has steadily increased. The actual use of foreign capital achieved a year-on-year increase of nearly 26%. The total tax revenue of foreign-funded enterprises increased by 3.5% year-on-year, accounting for nearly half of the total tax revenue. After the establishment of the foreign investment service base, it will further enhance the ability to serve foreign investment, and demonstrate Huangpu’s “high degree of urban strategy”, “enthusiasm of industrial investment”, “breadth of investment space”, “warm business environment”, and “good business and business attitude”. , to create the best environment for the development of foreign-funded enterprises.

At the meeting, Xue Feng, Director of Shanghai Foreign Investment Promotion Center, and Mr. Marlboro, President of the Uruguay Chamber of Commerce unveiled the “Uruguay Chamber of Commerce”, and the Uruguay Chamber of Commerce also became the first foreign chamber of commerce in Shanghai to settle in the base Shen Danna, director of the Huangpu District State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, and Ye Sheng, chairman of Shanghai Zhongheng Group, unveiled the “Zhongheng Digital Modeling Intelligent Manufacturing Space”, aiming to establish a foreign investment incubation base and focus on attracting foreign-funded enterprises that are in the preparatory stage and new entrants.

Shanghai Zhongheng Enterprise Development Co., Ltd. and Fudan University Intelligent Complex System Basic Theory and Key Technology Laboratory , Southern Africa Shanghai Federation of Industry and Commerce, Shanghai Creative Industry Association, Bank of China Huangpu Sub-branch, Shanghai Sibozhonghe Enterprise Service Co., Ltd., and Stay Enterprise Service Group signed contracts with 6 units.

From Shanghai Foreign Investment Promotion Center, Consulate General of the Argentine Republic in Shanghai and Business Promotion Center and District More than 50 units including government-related units, colleges and universities, Shanghai business associations, investment promotion agencies and key foreign-funded enterprises participated in the event.