It is also known as “not evenly pinched”. Old people who understand it will pick some and take them home when they meet them. What is the effect?

Introduction: It is also called “pinching unevenness”. Old people who understand it will pick some and take them home when they meet them. What is the effect?

As we all know, although modern people have more and more diseases, they still live longer than ancient people. Because modern people not only have more developed medicine, but also pay more attention to health preservation, and know how to use natural Chinese medicinal materials to maintain the body, thereby reducing the chance of disease.

In the past, knowing how to use Chinese herbal medicines to maintain health was the monopoly of doctors, but now many ordinary people are also very familiar with some Chinese herbal medicines. For example, motherwort, centella asiatica, plantain, striga, ghost needle grass, mugwort, huoxuedan, etc. These are well-known Chinese medicinal materials in the folk, and they have helped many people in their lives.

The Chinese medicinal material that I share with you today has a very strange alias called ” Not evenly pinched.” Why is it called “unevenness”? This is because its leaf veins are all oblique, no matter how you pinch it, it will be broken from the veins, so half of it is concave after pinching, and the other half is convex. No matter how you pinch it, it is not neat, so it is called uneven pinching.

Actually, the real scientific name of pinch-buqi is corns, which is named after the shape of its flowers when it blooms like a chicken’s eyes. And because its leaves often have 3 leaflets, which look herringbone, it has the aliases of herringbone and clover herringbone.

Corngrass is an annual herbaceous plant of leguminous corngrass. It is distributed in Northeast my country, North China, East China, Central South and Southwest China.

Everyone who knows corns knows that it grows flat, so it doesn’t grow very tall, and its leaves and flowers are small, but its stem system is well developed and adapts to The ability is very strong, as long as there is corn corns, a large area can grow. Small weeds are very harmful, so they are often removed as weeds.

In fact, corns are not a weed, but some old people who understand it I like to pick its tender stems and leaves to cook wild vegetables. Whether it is stir-fried, cold salad, soup, fried eggs, etc., it is very delicious and rich in nutrients. It is a very high-quality wild vegetable.

Corn grass is also a very good leguminous forage, which is often used to feed horses, sheep, cattle and other poultry and livestock. Moreover, its plant is not high, and its leaves and flowers are very attractive, especially its flowers. Although the flowers are small, they are all pink and purple in color, which has a certain ornamental value.

In addition, corn grass also has certain medicinal value. It is a whole medicinal herb that can be picked throughout the year. , The effect of invigorating the spleen and dampness, has a certain curative effect on colds, colds, lung heat cough, gastroenteritis, acute hepatitis, dysentery, uterine prolapse, bruises, swelling and pain.

I didn’t expect this little corn grass to have so many functions. The so-called “knowledge is treasure” , I don’t know it as grass.” Old people who understand it often regard corn grass as a “treasure” and will pick some to take home when they encounter it.

When corngrass grows the most vigorously every year, people in my hometown will pick its leaves and dry them, and use them to make tea every now and then, which can not only detoxify the body, but also It has the effect of promoting dampness, and can also prevent colds, coughs, hepatitis and other problems, which is of great benefit to health.

My friends, do you have this corn grass in your hometown? Another name for it is “Pinch Buqi”. Old people who know it will pick some and take them home when they meet them. It is very effective to make tea after drying. If you meet it in your hometown, don’t treat it as a weed anymore, it has many benefits.