Women with “exuberant” hormones have 6 more characteristics. If they are all accounted for, they are worth celebrating

If the human body wants to function normally, in addition to various nutrients and the coordination of various organs, it is also closely related to the stability of hormone levels in the body. There are many kinds of hormones in the body, such as growth hormone, adrenaline, thyroid hormone, hormone, sex hormone and so on.

There are a wide range of sex hormones, such as androgens, estrogens, hormones, flavonoids, etc., regardless of gender Whether the hormones in the body are sufficient or not is related to the health of the body.

Hormones “Exuberant” women have as many as 6 characteristics. If they are all accounted for, they are worth celebrating

【1】The figure is uneven

Female friends have sufficient hormones in their bodies, which will actually affect the condition of their bodies. Presumably most female friends are very Desire to have a perfect body, but sometimes it always backfires.

Those female friends with good body management, it means that the hormones in their bodies are very strong, so if If you have this characteristic, you should be very happy.

【2】Menstrual regularity

Hormones in women will affect the state of menstruation, so Female friends can also judge whether the hormones are sufficient according to the state of menstruation.

If menstruation is found to be irregular for a period of time, it may indicate that there is a lack of hormones , must be adjusted in time.

【 3) Good skin condition

Most female friends are very eager to have perfect skin condition, Because good skin condition helps to look younger, and at the same time, it is pleasing to the eye when you look at it yourself.

When you usually look in the mirror, if you find that your skin is in good condition and feels very delicate, Perhaps it can explain that the hormones in the body are relatively strong.

【4】 Warm hands and feet

If female friends have insufficient hormones in their bodies, they may develop body cold In some cases, it will also be accompanied by cold hands and feet.

Conversely, if a female friend feels that her hands and feet are very warm, even in the cold winter, she hardly There will be problems with cold hands and feet, which may also indicate that the hormones are very sufficient.

【5】Sleep quality is good< /span>

Hormones can affect people’s sleep, so if you want to know whether the hormones in your body are sufficient, you can also judge by observing the state of sleep .

If a female friend sleeps soundly every night, there will be almost no insomnia or other problems Sleep disorders can reflect that the hormones in the body are very sufficient from the side.

【 6] Emotional stability

Lack of hormones is likely to lead to endocrine disorders. Cause nervous system tension, resulting in negative emotions.

So if a female friend can’t help but want to lose her temper, and often can’t control her emotions If so, maybe your body is reminding you that you should supplement your hormones.

What do hormones do?

  • Regulate physiological balance

< p data-track="27">The hormones in the human body play a role in guaranteeing the normal growth and development of the body, and at the same time play a key role in regulating physiological balance. You feel that your body seems to be in a sub-healthy state, maybe the physiological balance has been disturbed, and you should supplement hormones.

  • Promote metabolism

The purpose of metabolism is to excrete the metabolic waste and garbage toxins in our body, maintain the cleanliness and normal function of the internal environment, the human body Metabolism is affected by many factors, the key point of which is hormones, and lack of hormones can lead to endothelial metabolic disorders.

  • Promote growth and development

Hormones play a role in bone growth and development To the key impact, if the hormone is insufficient, it is likely to lead to abnormal bone status, such as bone loss, bone density decline, etc. Therefore, if you do not want to have bone problems, you should also try to maintain sufficient hormones in the body.

Women want to supplement hormones, what should they eat?


Low hormones, eating high-calorie food is undoubtedly not good. At this time, it is best to eat light, Low-calorie foods, such as fungi, mushrooms, and straw mushrooms. These fungal foods have low energy, but are rich in nutrients and can better nourish your body.

【 Milk]

Low hormones, that is, insufficient estrogen secretion, insisting on drinking milk can supplement estrogen Hormones, which in turn can supplement hormones. It is best for women to develop a good habit of drinking milk in the morning and evening, and can also supplement calcium to improve immunity.


In addition to drinking milk, women can also drink a little soy milk. By drinking soy milk, they can absorb soy isoflavones, continuously nourish the body, supplement estrogen, and promote hormone increase.


We will say that men eat more oysters, which is good for their health. In fact, women can also eat more Eat some oysters. When eating oysters, you can absorb zinc and selenium. These substances can also promote the balance of estrogen, avoiding estrogen deficiency and causing hormonal imbalance.


Women will worry that too much protein supplementation may cause obesity. However, protein is an essential nutrient for the body. Once it is missing, it may even cause women to stop menstruation, so Supplementation is clearly essential.

Obesity Does it have to do with hormones?

Some people think that obesity is also related to hormones, but in fact there is indeed a certain relationship.

There is a substance called environmental hormone in the human body, and the environmental hormone in obese patients may be in the High state.

Many people may think that the cause of obesity is lack of exercise, often eating big fish and meat, etc. In fact, it is related to Some indicators and status are also closely related, so when losing weight, you should prescribe the right medicine.

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