14 days of hospitalization cost 2.34 million. Is the hospital’s money-burning ICU charges really reasonable?

The full name of ICU is “Intensive Care Unit”. The most advanced place in medical treatment.

In the impression of many people, ICU fees are very expensive, and it may cost thousands of yuan a day. Even tens of thousands of yuan, it will cost more than one hundred thousand to live for a few days, and spending money is like burning money.

Many people expressed doubts about this. Is the hospital crazy about money? Have you ever thought about ordinary people in this way of making money? For ordinary families, every penny is not easy to come by.

Which objects are mainly treated in the ICU ward? The doctor will explain in detail for you

Patients who have high requirements for cardiopulmonary resuscitation

The heart function of these patients is on the verge of stagnation, and strong and effective cardiopulmonary resuscitation is needed in a short period of time to save lives, such as patients with congenital heart disease , myocardial infarction patients, etc., if necessary, need to enter the ICU ward for testing and treatment.

organ failure

Some patients experienced organ failure during the treatment process, which was not enough to support their lives and required long-term equipment to support them. Only entering the ICU ward can they meet such standards.

Severe poisoning, shock patient

For some patients with severe poisoning, such as those who accidentally swallowed sleeping pills or poisoned by drinking pesticides, they will usually enter the ICU ward for timely rescue and treatment, and closely observe the patients vital signs.

Hospitalization It cost 2.34 million in 14 days. Is the hospital’s money-burning ICU charges really reasonable?

Xiaoqiang (a pseudonym) had red and swollen eyes and trembling hands unconsciously when he was 17 years old, so he went to the hospital for an examination. It was diagnosed as venous occlusion of the dura mater, arteries and veins, requiring immediate surgical treatment.

At that time, after the medical insurance was reimbursed, it cost more than 200,000. Very stable, and will regularly go to the hospital for review.

Suddenly one day, Xiaoqiang felt hot on his forehead and could not respond, so his parents took him to After entering the hospital, he was sent to the ICU as soon as he was admitted.

Xiaoqiang had an operation on the second day of hospitalization, and then another operation. The operation finally rescued Xiaoqiang, but he has been observed in the ICU ward for 14 days, and the treatment cost was as high as 2.34 million.

A family that was not rich All my savings have been emptied by the high treatment costs, and I still owe a lot of money, so is the ICU charge really reasonable?

Repeatedly check

For patients entering the ICU, due to rapid changes in their condition, various indicators need to be monitored in real time, and blood and biochemical indicators need to be checked repeatedly within a day. So these are not small expenses.

With the most advanced equipment in the hospital

The equipment in the ICU ward is not in the general ward. The central monitoring system, monitor, transfer monitor, ventilator, electrocardiogram machine, chest vibration expectorant, etc. are very Advanced medical equipment can provide more advanced life support for critically ill patients.

Maximum Inseparable from people, medical staff need to be on guard at all times, and they also face the largest on-duty system, and many patients need to be rescued in the ICU because of their unstable conditions, which leads to high costs.

Many consumables and expensive medicine

There are many equipment consumables in the ICU, and the consumables are also relatively expensive. In addition to the consumables, the therapeutic drugs in the ICU are also relatively expensive , especially antibacterial drugs, in order to ensure the effect of anti-infection treatment, most of them will use imported antibacterial drugs.

So, is it worth the high medical bills?

There is no way to define this problem, because the situation of each family is different. It can save lives and treat diseases.

But for most For ordinary families, the burden is relatively heavy, not only the financial burden but also the psychological burden. Both the patients themselves and their family members are very entangled, unwilling to give up and powerless.

But fortunately, the current medical insurance policy bears part of the burden on patients, but there are also some New drugs and instruments cannot be changed, and high costs are inevitable.