Eggs, the “hair” of thyroid nodules? Eat less 4 things to protect thyroid function

The thyroid gland is an endocrine gland located in the neck, and the thyroid cartilage is in the shape of a butterfly. Maybe people only know that the thyroid is an organ in the body, but they are not special about the thyroid understanding.

The main function of the thyroid gland is to secrete and synthesize thyroid hormones, maintain endocrine stability, promote metabolism, regulate growth and development, etc. etc., so this organ is crucial.

Beyond More and more people are suffering from thyroid disease

Nowadays, with the change of people’s thinking, more and more people realize the importance of good health Importance, and when you feel uncomfortable, you can also go to the hospital to consult a doctor in time.

However, some people were told that they had thyroid nodules during the physical examination, so they felt very Fear.

Because people are concerned about the thyroid I don’t know much about nodules, so I think that suffering from thyroid nodules is an incurable disease.

In fact, the vast majority of thyroid nodules are almost benign, so even if you are told that you have Thyroid nodules, under the premise of following the doctor’s advice and cooperating with conditioning, generally do not cause too much harm to the body.

Contemporary The reason for the increase in patients with thyroid nodules is actually related to many factors, such as the openness of people’s minds, and more and more people begin to pay attention to their health, so they are also detected during the physical examination.

In addition, our living conditions and lifestyles have changed a lot compared to before Changes, some people unknowingly form bad habits, which will also lead to the appearance of thyroid nodules.

Thyroid Direct cause of nodules

Genetic factors:

Most physical diseases are almost hereditary, including thyroid nodules. If parents have thyroid nodules, their children are more likely to suffer from nodules.

People with family genetic history should develop good habits in daily life and avoid giving Thyroid damage.

Irrational iodine intake:

Some people have heard that iodine has a certain relationship with the thyroid gland. In order to avoid thyroid problems, they will deliberately eat more iodine-rich foods.

Excessive intake of iodine is not good, it will lead to strong secretion of thyroid hormone, but will increase the risk of nodules, please take it correctly 。

Excessive pressure:

Now some young people are under increasing pressure, even There are also some people who bear pressure from many aspects, such as work pressure, life pressure, family pressure, etc.

If the pressure is too great and there is no time If it is carried out in time, it will easily lead to endocrine disorders, and abnormal thyroid hormones will increase the risk of nodules.

Radiation:< /span>

Some people work in a special nature and are likely to be exposed to radiation, such as electronics factories The doctors in the Radiology Department of the Workers’ Hospital in the hospital and so on.

Frequent exposure to radiation will cause the body’s glands and hormones to be in an unstable state, which can easily induce thyroid nodules section appears.

Eggs, are the “hair” of thyroid nodules?

Eggs are often eaten in daily life. I believe that every household should have eggs in the kitchen.

Research data show that eggs contain more than a dozen nutrients needed by the body, eat them in moderation in daily life Order eggs to allow the body to obtain comprehensive nutrients.

So many people will choose Eat a boiled egg for breakfast, but there are many sayings about eggs. For example, some people have heard that eggs are the hair of thyroid nodules.

The so-called hair products mainly refer to those foods that may promote the further development of the disease. Do Eggs Really Make Thyroid Nodules Enlarge?

The reason why people think that eggs are the hair of thyroid nodules is because the yolk of eggs contains cholesterol, so they are worried that cholesterol will affect thyroid health.

Cholesterol is indeed not a good thing. After entering the body, it will cause damage to the cardiovascular system, but it will cause damage to the thyroid The damage caused by thyroid nodules is not as serious as imagined, so patients with thyroid nodules can eat eggs.

Just here to remind everyone , When eating eggs, you must control your intake, because too much egg intake will cause cholesterol to accumulate in the body.

Diet less 4 things, protect thyroid function

1. Hot pot

Hot pot It should be a food that most young people like to eat very much. When eating hot pot, you can eat a variety of ingredients, but the most popular is red oil hot pot. If you often eat spicy food, it is easy to cause some stimulation to the thyroid , is not conducive to thyroid health.

2 , Seafood

The taste of seafood is very delicious and its nutritional value is relatively high, so it is popular among people I like it, but most seafood is very rich in iodine, so if I often eat seafood, it is easy to cause excessive secretion of thyroid hormones, which will increase the burden on the thyroid.

3. Spinach

Spinach is a kind of green leafy vegetable that we often eat in our daily life. The nutrients contained are relatively rich, and the nutritional value is relatively high. Eating spinach can supplement iron, but the oxalic acid in it will have a certain impact on the body, and it is not conducive to the dissipation of thyroid nodules.

4、Cross Cauliflower Vegetables

Broccoli, cauliflower, etc. are all cruciferous vegetables , these vegetables are relatively low in calories, so they are liked by people who lose weight. These vegetables contain indole, which will stimulate the thyroid gland to a certain extent and cause goiter, so it is not recommended to eat.

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