Women who want to prevent breast problems may wish to eat more of these 6 foods to help prevent breast cancer

In recent years, the growth rate of this kind of malignant tumor in my country is 1-2 percentage points higher than that of high-incidence countries. Therefore, the situation of cancer prevention is extremely severe.

Experts pointed out that the reason why women have breast problems is not only related to genetic and emotional factors, but also their daily diet. In this case, we must do a good job of prevention. In addition to doing things that harm the breast, you should also eat more of the 6 foods mentioned below, which can help prevent breast cancer.


1. Tomatoes

Related nutritionists have found through research that if women eat a certain amount of tomatoes every day, they can satisfy the body’s need for vitamins and mineral needs, plus this kind of food is rich in tomato element, which can inhibit the growth of bacteria to a certain extent;

And it contains a lot of citric acid, malic acid and sugar, which can help Food digestion, therefore, it is recommended that women eat more on weekdays, which can prevent diseases.

Second, mango

The reason for eating more mangoes is that this fruit also has the effect of preventing breast cancer. A detailed examination of the polyphenols found in them contained an active ingredient called tannin.

This substance has a slightly bitter taste, and its main function is to disrupt the cell division cycle, thereby inhibiting the development of cancer cells.

Third, kiwi fruit

I believe everyone knows this fruit. The reason why it is popular is that it is rich in vitamin C The ingredients are about 4 to 12 times that of oranges, and this fruit contains a substance;

Although the name is not known yet, it can effectively block the production of nitrosamines in the human body, thereby Play the role of anti-cancer and anti-cancer.


4. Kelp

Kelp is a common vegetable in life, which contains a lot of dietary fiber, vitamin E and iodine. Scientists believe that breast cancer The main reason for the high incidence is the lack of iodine in the human body, and eating more kelp on weekdays can supplement iodine, thereby reducing the incidence of breast cancer.

5. Cabbage

Although it is a cheap food, it does not look very eye-catching, but it contains a substance called indole -3-methanol compound, which can be converted into a substance called methanolase in the human body, which can help the body decompose estrogen and reduce the risk of disease. According to relevant surveys, for early menopausal women For women, women who ate more of this vegetable on weekdays had a 54% lower chance of developing cancer than women who did not eat cabbage.

6. Broccoli

In the list of anti-cancer foods, this food Absolutely the best, because this food contains some anti-cancer substances, called glucosinolates, and the product of its decomposition, sulforaphane, can inhibit the growth of cancer cells. There are related studies that prove that you should eat more broccoli on weekdays , can reduce the risk of gastric cancer, lung cancer and breast cancer.

In a word, if you want to prevent breast cancer, you must not only adjust your diet, but also develop good living habits, such as exercising more, Because exercise can strengthen and improve physical fitness, and can prevent other diseases while improving immunity;

In addition, drink less irritating drinks, such as coffee, because it contains a lot of xanthine, This substance can promote benign breast hyperplasia, and benign breast hyperplasia has a certain relationship with the occurrence of breast cancer.

The last thing is to do regular breast examinations. Control in the fastest time.