Besides distinguishing between men and women, what is the use of male nipples? 6 cold knowledge of the human body, men have to understand

After entering puberty, both males and females will undergo relatively large changes.

Not only changes in height and weight, but also changes in the functions of cardiovascular, nervous, endocrine, respiratory, reproductive and other systems.

Compared with women, the external image of men’s bodies does not change very much, for example, the breasts of men do not develop.

Many people are curious, what is the function of nipples if the male breasts are not developed?

What embarrassing body secrets do men have?

1. Nipples have no function

From the perspective of human physiology In other words, male nipples do not have any function.

After entering puberty, a woman’s breasts and nipples will begin to develop under the action of estrogen, and will undertake the function of breastfeeding.

Due to the difference in male hormones, nipples and mammary glands do not develop, and do not have the function of breastfeeding.

Second, prone to breast diseases

Although male breasts and nipples are not developed, there are still more nerves distributed on male nipples, which will also be stimulated by some factors and undergo corresponding changes. The probability of suffering from some breast diseases Also very high.

According to a statistic, 1 out of every 100 breast cancer patients is male.

If the male breasts are compressed or repeatedly stimulated, it is easy to suffer from mammary gland hyperplasia, which causes swelling and pain in the breast area.

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Third, except for hair, other hairs are flourishing

< p data-track="8">Compared with women, most men’s body hair is very strong, especially armpit hair, chest hair, leg hair, beard and pubic hair, but men’s hair is not lush.

According to the research data of the National Health and Medical Commission in 2021: The number of Chinese men with hair loss has reached 250 million.

The testes of men will secrete Dihydrotestosterone, which will affect the differentiation of male hair and inhibit the growth of male hair. Moreover, the hair follicles of most men are relatively fragile and prone to hair loss.

Fourth, the legs are particularly thin

Estrogen in women can promote fat accumulation, while androgen in men can promote muscle growth.

For men and women with the same weight, the male body will be slightly tighter, but the male legs will look very thin, which is a bit uncoordinated a feeling of.

Five, prone to big belly

The fat on women’s bodies is generally stored under the skin. Compared with men, the external image of women is slightly fleshy.

The androgen in the male body will cause the fat in the body to be stored in the organs more easily.

In this way, the visceral fat will increase, which will make the belly more protruding, and the probability of suffering from fatty liver will be higher than that of women.

Sixth, the buttocks are more warped

Most women hope that they can have buttocks to make their external image better.

But in fact, men are more prone to warping their buttocks than women. Males have a narrower pelvis and a smaller pubic bone than females. Under the same weight, the buttocks of men will be higher.

In a word, when entering puberty, the ovaries of women will start to secrete estrogen, while the ovaries of men Testicles will secrete androgen, which will cause great changes in the external image and internal image of men and women, and there will be many differences.

In addition to the above 6 body secrets, under normal circumstances, men’s life expectancy is shorter than women’s.

For men, they must also learn to take care of their bodies in their daily life.

In particular, avoid smoking, drinking and bad hygiene habits, and pay attention to regular physical examinations so that you can have a relatively healthy body.