How to “warm” with cold hands and feet? Chinese medicine helps you “ignite” the small stove in the palm of your hand~

After the temperature dropped, many of my friends suffered from cold hands and feet and “attacked” again, and even the warm quilt could not cover the heat.

What is the reason for the cold hands and feet, and what can be done Can it be improved?

Causes of cold hands and feet< /span>

From the perspective of Chinese medicine , There are two cases of cold hands and feet:

One, “Closed” means that it is blocked, and the liver veins suffer from cold caused by exogenous cold pathogens, resulting in insufficient qi and blood, which cannot nourish the limbs.

Second, the yang energy of the body is insufficient and cannot warm Yang restricts Yin and cold.

From the perspective of Western medicine, there are five reasons for cold hands and feet :

One is wearing too little;

The second is nerve ending circulation disorder;

The third is the change of female hormones;

Fourth is disease factors, such as Raynaud’s disease, Takayasu arteritis, thromboangiitis obliterans and other diseases;

The fifth is mental factors, such as excessive mental stress, Anxiety, excessive worry, etc.

How to improve cold hands and feet


Eat some high-calorie food

In winter, people usually have a strong appetite, and the digestion and absorption functions of the spleen and stomach are also better. Highly nutritious foods, such as lamb, beef and other animal foods.

People with cold hands and feet usually You can also make the following two health soups to improve the symptoms of cold hands and feet.

Ginger Soup and Suye Drink:3 grams of ginger, shredded, 3 grams of perilla leaves, 15 grams of brown sugar, soaked in boiling water, soaked 10 minutes before taking. Ginger Soup and Suye Drink has the functions of warming the meridians and dispelling cold, nourishing the blood and harmonizing the stomach, and has a certain effect on dispelling wind and cold.

Ginger and Jujube Soup:5 ​​pieces of ginger, 10 pieces of jujube, 15 grams of brown sugar, soaking in water every night can improve hands and feet Cold symptoms.


Soak your feet frequently

Soaking feet is a very effective way to relieve cold hands and feet. Add hot water at about 42°C to the basin and soak the ankles , soak for 20 minutes, you can also add mugwort leaves and ginger to strengthen the effect of warming meridians and dredging collaterals.


Massage Yangchi Point

Yangchi point is located on the wrist of the back of the hand, which can generate yang energy and communicate with the outside and inside, so it can control the blood circulation of the whole body.

When stimulating the Yangchi point, it should be done slowly and the strength should be Slowly, for a long time, both hands should be pressed alternately.

△Yangchi point

You can also press and knead Shenshu, Yongquan, Laogong, etc., which can stimulate Yang Qi and improve peripheral circulation.


“Blowing” character practice kidney method

Originated from “Cultivating Nature and Prolonging Life”, it is one of the “Liu Zi Jue” of ancient Jing Qigong.

The method is to get rid of distracting thoughts, exhale through the mouth and nose, and exhale When breathing, cooperate with silently reading the word “blowing”, and the voice is required to be deep and powerful.

“Zunsheng Eight Notes” says: “Treating the kidneys Blowing method is used for exhalation. Use the nose to lengthen the air and blow it through the mouth. Kidney disease, use strong blowing 30 times and fine blowing 10 times, can get rid of all cold air in the kidney, waist pain, cold and heavy knees, standing for a long time, Yang Dao Weakness, insects in the ears, sores in the mouth, and even hotness, all of which can be removed. Count and blow them away one after another.”

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Increase exercise

Winter is okay Speed ​​up blood circulation and metabolism through jogging, rope skipping, Tai Chi, yoga and other exercises, so that the body can generate heat and warm up the body.

However, winter sports still pay attention to closed Sweating or sweating is enough, avoid profuse sweating; also avoid any confrontational activities to avoid accidents.

If the symptoms of cold hands and feet are serious, you should seek medical advice in time. Exclude pathological factors and actively carry out treatment. Chinese medicine can provide targeted nursing care based on syndrome differentiation.

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