Within 1 hour of eating raisins, don’t touch the three kinds of food, which will affect your health and benefit early

When it comes to raisins, everyone is familiar with them. In daily life, many people like to eat raisins as snacks, but don’t underestimate them. It is not only delicious, but also has a high health value, which is very good for our body. Let’s take a look together!

The nutritional value of raisins is very high, often eating can beautify Beauty, raisins are rich in minerals and vitamin E. For the skin care of female friends, eating raisins often can not only beautify the skin, but also be very effective for black hair. The tartaric acid and fiber in raisins can improve rectal function and speed up excretion, which is not only good for treating constipation, but also very good for the skin.

Although raisins are good, there are taboos:

Raisins + Potassium-containing foods

Easy to cause hyperkalemia , easy to cause abdominal distension, diarrhea and stomach cramps and arrhythmia.

Raisins + milk

Conflicting nutrients, It is harmful to the stomach and can easily cause symptoms such as vomiting and nausea.

Raisins + Seafood

Grapes contain tannic acid , Seafood contains protein, and tannic acid combines with protein, and symptoms of indigestion will appear.

Do you like raisins?