The correct use of bowls and chopsticks, we must be civilized people, regret knowing it too late

Traditional culture is the foundation of Chinese culture. Excellent traditional culture can make Chinese culture last forever. A major feature of Chinese culture is the dining culture. The only tableware for Chinese people is chopsticks. Chopsticks have been used for thousands of years. Although the culture of chopsticks is extensive and profound, there are still many families who use chopsticks incorrectly. If you use it incorrectly, you will easily violate the taboo of chopsticks, and it is a kind of disrespect to your ancestors. Therefore, when using chopsticks, you must not make the following problems. Rich people know the correct way to use bowls and chopsticks, but they regret knowing it too late.

First question, When we use chopsticks, we must ensure that the chopsticks are clean.

Although there are many materials for chopsticks today. Nowadays, chopsticks are not only made of wood, but also made of aluminum, ceramics, and of course plastic. Although chopsticks are made of different materials, all kinds of chopsticks must be kept clean. If there are a lot of bacteria on the chopsticks, it will be very unhygienic when we eat. Moreover, if the chopsticks directly touch the human mouth, if there are many bacteria on them, the bacteria will enter the human mouth and cause oral ulcers.

The second problem is that it is best to place the chopsticks flat when placing them.

Many families will directly poke the chopsticks vertically into the chopstick cage. Although this method can drain the water on the chopsticks as soon as possible, and keep the chopsticks dry. But when many chopsticks are gathered together, it is easy to interact with each other and breed bacteria. Moreover, it is very bad to place the chopsticks vertically. It is best to place the chopsticks flat on the bowl when placing them. In this way, the water on the chopsticks can evaporate quickly without triggering the taboo on the chopsticks.

The third problem is that you must not insert chopsticks into the rice bowl when eating.

Many family members have a hobby when eating, which is to insert chopsticks into the rice. In fact, this method of use is very incorrect. In ancient times, there was a custom of offering sacrifices to ancestors through incense, and now a few sticks of incense are also burned when worshiping ancestors. Inserting chopsticks into the rice is like offering sacrifices to ancestors. Such a method will bring bad fortune to the family, and this method is also disrespectful to the ancestors.

The fourth question is that you must not hit the tableware while eating. Chinese people pay attention to dining etiquette and dining culture, and people must keep quiet at the table. Eating without talking, sleeping without talking, this is a state pursued by the Chinese ancestors. Although people may talk when eating, it is best not to make other noises at the dinner table. This is also a kind of respect for the diners. And once there are guests at home, hitting the bowls and chopsticks is also disrespectful to the guests.