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The open space around the abandoned pits and ponds has been transformed into a green leisure square in Dongwuji Village to provide leisure and exercise places for people’s lives.

Beixiaoying Town is deeply promoting the construction of beautiful countryside, Dongfu Village, Qianliwu Village and other seven villages have been renovated and upgraded, infrastructure has been improved, plain afforestation, five-sided greening, pocket parks, etc. The project has been implemented, and 13 rural pollution control projects and other rural projects that benefit the people have been completed, so that the masses can enjoy the fruits of economic and social development, improve the living environment, and improve the quality of life of the people.

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Strengthen the construction of ecological civilization and create a livable and beautiful village

Maxinzhuang Village, Da Huying Village, Xiwuji Village and Houlugezhuang Village “Upgrade” Project (Phase II) Started

According to Song Sen, Secretary of the Party Committee of Beixiaoying Township, the town promotes the greening and beautification project of public spaces and open spaces in rural areas, planting greenery in front of and behind houses, beside rivers and canals, and in sporadic vacant lots. According to the plan, dismantle the violations and return them to the green, leave blanks to increase the green, and insert green in the blanks. Comprehensively clean up the domestic and construction waste, white pollution, dead branches, weeds, livestock and poultry manure, etc. in front of and behind the houses, village streets and lanes, fields, rivers and ditches in the village area, and comprehensively rectify garbage dumping, debris piles, Random running of livestock and poultry, random posting of advertisements, random hanging of banners, random parking of vehicles and other “dirty, chaotic, poor” phenomena and uncivilized behaviors.

Dongfu Village, Qianliwu Village, Houliwu Village, Houlu Village, Maxinzhuang Village, Dahuying Village, and Xiwuji Village use demolition to vacate plots and villages The corner area is to be renovated and upgraded to build a convenient square, convenient parking spaces, and a pocket park. It is expected to be completed and accepted for use on December 31 this year.

Continuously increase the construction of village greening and beautification

The Green Leisure Square in Dongwuji Village was originally an idle space

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After the completion of the Green Leisure Plaza in Dongwuji Village

In order to further increase the forest coverage of the town, this year, Beixiaoying Town will continue to carry out plain afforestation work. The target task assigned by the district level is 727.4 mu. At present, all the land plots have been implemented, and related work such as vacating the above-ground objects and land transfer has been completed. The planting stage has been fully entered, and it is expected to be completed by the end of December. Through the implementation of projects such as plain afforestation, five-sided greening, and pocket parks, the appearance of each village has been comprehensively improved.

In addition, the town focused on creating small and micro parks in the three villages of Dongwuji, Qiujiadian, and Houlu Village. Higher-level and better-experienced micro parks have been fully put into use, allowing village residents to enjoy the landscape of the park without leaving the village.

Continuing to promote the improvement of the river landscape, aiming at the Xiaoying section of the beautiful river and lake Jianshan, Hebei, planting flowers and ground cover on the bank slope and surrounding areas, the cumulative greening area is about 13,000 square meters. Continuously improve the landscape level of the river, so that the surrounding villagers can enjoy the beauty of the country park without leaving the town.

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Take the people as the center and improve the quality of life of the masses

Speed ​​up the completion of the town’s sewage treatment project, and formulate technical plans village by village. Distinguish priorities and give priority to eliminating the phenomenon of direct discharge of domestic sewage and wastewater from farmers. Improve the management and protection operation mechanism, and continue to implement the construction of an online monitoring system for rural sewage treatment facilities. Up to now, 13 villages in Beixiaoying Town have completed rural pollution control projects. According to the actual conditions of each village, they are planning to start the rural pollution control projects in Maxinzhuang Village, Shangnian Village, Yulin Village and Niufutun Village in due course. The town’s 17 villages will all complete rural sewage treatment.

Promote the construction of harmless sanitary toilets for rural households according to local conditions, and the sanitary toilets for rural households basically meet the requirements of harmless sanitary toilets. In 2020, a total of 715 households in Beixiaoying Town have completed the renovation of toilets, and the satisfaction of the people in the town’s toilet renovation work is 100%. Deepen the reform of the rural road management and maintenance system, increase the proportion of rural road overhaul, strengthen the reconstruction of rural roads, and strengthen the construction of rural road safety and life protection projects. Added 195 new street lamps and all of them have been put into use.

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Source: Beijing Youth Daily