With 6 characteristics, it means that the immunity is “strong”, and if it accounts for more than 3, it is very lucky

Now that it is cold winter, people in various regions must also feel the chill of winter. Winter is a relatively special climate, and it also makes people feel a little tormented .

For example, the climate in the north is extremely cold, and the south will also enter a wet and cold state. The key point is the cold The climate will cause people’s immunity and resistance to be depleted, resulting in hypoimmunity.

immunity What are the dangers of low strength?

  • Increased risk

If there is a problem of low immunity, the most direct damage to the body is to increase the risk of illness. At this time, some viruses and bacteria from the outside enter In the body, it will not only cause cold, fever and cough, but also induce other physical diseases.

  • Reduced quality of life< /li>

Low immunity will lead to insufficient energy in the body, and it will also be accompanied by physical weakness and weakness of limbs, thereby reducing the quality of life. For people with very high quality, I hope you can keep your immune system as sufficient as possible, so that you may be able to avoid the consumption of your immune system.

  • Damage cardiovascular health Only the beating of the heart can maintain normal blood circulation. If there is a problem with cardiovascular function, if it is not treated and adjusted in time, the risk of disease will also increase. Low immunity can easily damage the cardiovascular system.

    Many people know that having a strong immune system is crucial to maintaining good health, so what do we do How to judge whether the immunity is strong? May wish to combine the following points for self-examination.

    With 6 characteristics, it means that the immunity is “strong”, and if you have more than 3, you are very lucky

    –rarely get sick< /span>

    Before we said that having a strong immunity can resist the invasion of viruses and bacteria from the outside world. This can lead to illness, but if your body is very healthy and you rarely get sick, it may also reflect that your immunity is very strong from the side.

    –Good sleep quality

    Immunity will also affect people’s sleep. If you have a strong immune system, you will generally sleep very soundly at night, and your sleep quality is also very good. So if this characteristic is met, it may mean that the immunity is relatively strong.

    –Wounds heal faster

    Whether the immune system is strong or not may also directly affect people’s healing ability. Generally speaking, if there is a small wound on the surface of the skin, most people will not pay special attention and attention, because the small wound may be able to heal, if your self-healing If the ability is very strong, it may also show that the immunity is very strong from the side.

    –Spirit Fullness

    We mentioned earlier that if there is a condition of low immunity, it may make people There is listlessness and fatigue, which is because immunity will affect the human nervous system, so if you are very energetic and full of energy every day, it may mean that your immunity is relatively strong.

    –like sports

    For those with poor immunity, they hardly take part in sports due to their poor physical condition, but if you feel that you are still very enthusiastic about encountering this thing, it may be a sign of immunity Stronger, people who meet this characteristic are really happy for you.

    –Good mood

    Immunity can also affect people’s mood and emotions. For those who are in a better emotional state, it may reflect that immunity is stronger from the side Yes, so this feature is also worthy of attention and attention, I hope you can take it to heart.

    Want to What are the best foods to improve immunity?


    Shiitake mushrooms are rich in nutrition and have the reputation of “Queen of Mushrooms” and “King of Dried Vegetables”. Shiitake mushrooms also contain special substances called lentinan and mushroom ribonucleic acid. These two substances can enhance immunity, especially immunity to tumors, and can improve the body’s resistance and can interfere with viral proteins synthesis.


    Hawthorn is rich in nutrition and has a sweet and sour taste, which is deeply loved by people. Regular consumption of hawthorn can effectively help protect the cardiovascular system, lower blood cholesterol, help lose weight, fight tumors, eliminate free radicals, and effectively enhance immunity.


    Tomatoes can be said to be vitality food, containing a variety of powerful antioxidant factors, such as tomato Red pigment, carotene, etc., can help repair damaged cells. Regular consumption of tomatoes can protect body cells from damage and enhance immunity. It can also help protect eyesight.


    There are many kinds of radishes, but they all have one characteristic, that is, they contain the same anti-tumor and anti-virus active substance-interferon inducer. This substance can prevent the generation of viruses and cancer cells. But this substance is fragile and cannotHigh temperature resistance. Cooked radishes cannot prevent and fight cancer. It is best to eat them raw to effectively improve their immunity.

    Is there any relationship between urticaria and immunity?

    Many people have heard that urticaria is not a simple skin disease or allergy at all, but is related to low immunity.

    In fact, to a certain extent, urticaria is related to immunity, because immunity is strong people are more effective against allergens.

    That is to say, if your immunity is very strong for a period of time, even if you come into contact with allergens, you may Allergic reactions are also not obvious.

    So there is immunity In the case of low energy, exposure to allergens will inevitably cause severe allergies, and even cause urticaria.

    Anything else you need to add about boosting immunity? Welcome to leave a comment below.