The new year is approaching, stock up on liquor in advance, these 4 types are delicious and inexpensive and made of 100% pure grain, feel free to buy

The end of the year is approaching, stock up on baijiu in advance, these 4 types are delicious and inexpensive and made of 100% pure grain, you can buy them with confidence

The end of 2022 is coming in a blink of an eye, A lot of people are struggling to have a good year. Don’t forget to prepare the new year’s goods when you are busy, because this year’s new year is unusual, it comes much earlier than in previous years. And now it’s just in time for major merchants to hold big sales at the end of the year, and the prices of many New Year’s goods are very cheap. Preparing for New Year’s goods at this time can not only buy what you want, but also save a lot of money, killing two birds with one stone.

Chinese New Year is the most important festival for Chinese people, and there are many types of New Year’s goods, such as drinks, which we must Even if the family doesn’t drink much, they should prepare a few bottles of wine as gifts when entertaining guests or visiting for New Year’s greetings. So the New Year is approaching, liquor must be stocked up!

Whether it is for dinner at home, entertaining distinguished guests from afar, or giving gifts to relatives and friends , when we choose liquor, we must carefully compare and choose carefully. It is best to brew liquor from pure grains, and the price should not be too expensive. After all, the amount of alcohol used in the Chinese New Year is very large, and the price is too expensive for ordinary families like us. Can’t afford it.

So today, the author specially compiled a list of year-end wine storage. These 4 wines are not only delicious but not expensive, but also made from 100% pure grain. The taste is also guaranteed, so you can rest assured.

The first type: Baiyunbian 12-year-old wine

This wine is a well-known liquor in Hubei, and it is also a typical flavor-flavored liquor Representative, the biggest feature of this wine is that its aroma contains the advantages of both Luzhou-flavored wine and Maotai-flavored wine. There are two kinds of experiences in one sip of the wine, plus the unique taste of Jianxiang wine, one sip of wine can be said to kill three birds with one stone.

The taste of this wine is soft and silky, with rich layers of smell and taste. Slightly spicy and sweet are also well integrated, because it belongs to the aging series, this wine still has a mellow aroma, and the overall feeling is very comfortable.

The second type: Wang Shaobin wine

People who like to drink sauce wine know that if a sauce-flavored wine is to be of good quality, the brewing techniques it uses It must be the “12987” ancient method. If this brewing method is not used, the serious point is that the wine cannot be called authentic Maotai-flavored wine.

This wine is a sauce-flavored wine specially brewed by Wang Shaobin’s descendants, and its significance is to commemorate Mr. Wang Shaobin. Fans of soy sauce and wine should be familiar with this person. After all, without his idea of ​​”raising lees with wine”, we would not be able to drink very strong and pure soy sauce flavor wine today.

Based on the unusual meaning of this wine, the winemakers did not dare to be careless when brewing. There are hundreds of procedures and strict requirements. The uniqueness of this wine is that the old wine used for seasoning is the high-quality old wine collected by Mr. Wang Shaobin himself.It is this action that makes this wine full of aroma, taste and flavor quite characteristic of Wang Mao.

The third type: Xiaojiaolou 1978

This wine is a very popular Luzhou-flavor liquor in Sichuan and Chongqing. It is not high, but the quality of this wine is still excellent, and its quality and taste have been recognized by many drinkers.

The brewing process of this wine is brewed with classic 5 grains, all of which are high-quality local specialties. You can feel the strong cellar aroma and the pleasant grain koji aroma with every drop of the wine, and the aftertaste is long, which is very suitable for stocking up as a Chinese New Year treat for dinner.

The fourth item: Master Han Dong Liquor (Zhiyu)

This wine is not well-known nationwide It is high, but it is very popular in Yunnan, Guizhou and Sichuan. Although it is a new sauce wine, its quality is not inferior to those mid-to-high-end sauce wines whose prices are several times higher.

The brewing process used in this wine is authentic The “12987” ancient sauce wine craft, although the name of this craft is a bit strange, but these few small numbers include the essence of sauce wine, a whole year of brewing cycle, during which two grains were thrown into the sand , as many as nine times of cooking, the last eight times of fermentation, and seven times of wine extraction. After hundreds of procedures, a small amount of soy sauce essence can be obtained.

The base wine has gone through 5 years of precipitation, and finally 10 years old wine is added for seasoning. After all, a bottle It takes at least 6 years for such a wine to be on the market. The sauce aroma of this wine is very prominent, and the mouth is full of mellow wine aroma, especially suitable for those friends who are after the taste of old wine.

These 4 types of liquor are pure grain wines of good quality. If you don’t know what to stock up for Chinese New Year, you may wish to consider these types. If you have any good wine recommendations, please leave a message to share in the comment area.