Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences: Do not advocate healthy people for cancer screening, may harm themselves

Nowadays, with the improvement of material living standards, more and more people realize the importance of health, routine physical examination, genetic testing, cancer screening, adult It is a designated action for many people to self-check their health status.

Cancer is a disease that everyone talks about. Many middle-aged and elderly people have been targeted by cancer. So many people will go for cancer screening, so is it necessary to do so?

It is very understandable that people care about their health, but excessive cancer screening may harm Myself, why do you say that? Let’s listen to what academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences have to say.

Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences: Do not advocate healthy people to do cancer screening, it may harm themselves

For the prevention and detection of cancer, cancer screening is very important Crucially, Han Qide, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said, “It is not recommended for healthy people to do cancer screening.”

Cancer screening is a physical examination for common cancers based on cancer risk assessment, which is a routine physical examination Supplementation can let us know the risk of cancer in advance, or detect early cancer and precancerous lesions, so as to facilitate timely intervention.

However, Academician Han Qide believes that cancer screening for healthy people may harm themselves. Because some people will not become seriously ill in the end, performing an operation in advance is equivalent to a white knife.

Secondly, if the screening finds If a suspicious person is found, regular follow-up and observation are required, and repeated inspections will cause harm to the human body. In addition, the incubation period of cancer is very long, and if suspected cancer is detected early, the patient will have a great psychological burden.

Academician Han Qide pointed out that patients with early detection of cancer should not be overdiagnosed and overtreated, and symptomatic patients can Conduct targeted inspections.

Healthy people do not need cancer screening, as long as they change their lifestyle and improve their living habits, they can Reduce the possibility of cell mutation.

Cancer Should screening be done?

Cancer screening cannot change the incidence and mortality of cancer, so is it necessary to do cancer screening? Ordinary people should not blindly follow what Academician Han Qide said, nor should they resist cancer screening too much.

The objects of cancer screening are high-risk groups, and there are many common cancer screenings in clinic, which are relatively mature Yes, it can detect traces of cancer in the first place, such as cervical cancer, colon cancer, and breast cancer.

Cancer high-risk groups, for lung cancer, gastric cancer, liver cancer and other types of cancer screening can be one against three, So it still needs to be done, early detection and early treatment, the greater the possibility of survival.

High-risk groups for cancer screening, including people with a family history of cancer, people over 40 years old, long-term People who smoke and drink alcohol, people who suffer from certain diseases, people who live in areas with a high incidence of cancer, people who are often in contact with carcinogens, etc.

1/3 of cancer is preventable, don’t ignore early symptoms

Changes in bowel habits

If you find changes in your bowel habits, such as long-term constipation or diarrhea, and Or constipation and diarrhea appear alternately, which may be caused by gastrointestinal tumors.

Unknown reason

If there is unexplained weight loss within six months to one year, exclude Insufficient energy intake, abnormal blood sugar, abnormal thyroid function, chronic diarrhea and other benign diseases may be caused by cancer.

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Persistent cough

Many cancers may cause persistent cough, such as lung cancer, kidney cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, etc.

Unexplained mass on body surface

If you find unexplained lumps in the neck, armpit, breast, groin, etc., accompanied by redness, pain, stains or color Changes should be taken seriously.

Unexplained Pain

If you experience unexplained persistent pain and the pain becomes more and more serious, you should go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible to find out the cause of the pain and be alert to the occurrence of cancer .